Should I Buy The Expensive IPhone X Mobile Phone?

is IPhone X new mobile phone worth the 999 Dollars price?

is IPhone X new mobile phone worth the price 999

these are the top five reasons not to buy the new Apple iPhone 10 apples just announced three new iPhones but we’re going to focus mainly on the tenth

‘a word of warning’ this is a preliminary list based on what we saw at Apple’s event things could change when we get to fully test the new iPhone.


1.the iphone x price

and at number one is the price the Apple iPhone 10 starts at $9.99 for the 64 gigabyte model you could buy five new Apple TVs or two of the Apple watch series three for that price the tenth pricing goes all the way up to one thousand one hundred and forty nine dollars for the 256 gigabyte model then again this is Apple’s Future Phone right what you expect.

2.Face ID and touch ID

and number two touch ID is gone the iPhone 10 got rid of its fingerprint sensor in favor of new technology called face ID touch ID was an excellent implementation of a fingerprint sensor to the point every other fingerprint sensor was compared to it apple says face ID will be very secure and we’ll be able to recognize you even if you change your appearance so far it’s unproven so this could put the pause on pre ordering for now .

Face ID and touch ID iphone X 2018 2017

3. the iphone x weight

number three is the weight it’s the latest and greatest iPhone right but Apple said the iPhone 10 would ship starting November 3rd that’s a lot later than when the iPhone 8 arrives and by that point Google’s latest pixel is expected to be announced as well can you manage to weight those excruciating days.

4. the iphone X top notch Design

at number four the design this is controversial to be sure the iPhone 10 has a notch on the top of its screen now with its OLED display the area surrounding the top notch won’t stand out too much when it’s black but when it’s white the knotch becomes very visible maybe Apple should have just cut off those two bunny ears and kept a more standard look

5.IPhone X has no home button

number five is gestures with the death of the home button on the iPhone 10 you’ll have to learn new ways to call up multitasking closing apps and calling up Siri that may be confusing at first which could make the 10th a bit less attractive as an option

Should I Buy The Expensive IPhone X Mobile Phone 2018 2017


remember this is a list for those of you looking for reasons not to preorder just yet the iPhone 10 still looks pretty interesting .

Here’s other top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an IPhone x just yet:

1. Too expensive

2. No aux

3. No home button

4. Not as high of a resolution as the Samsung 8

5. Gimmicky face emojis


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