6 Phones With The Best Batteries 2018 2019

6 long battery life Phones in 2018 2019

Phones With The Best Batteries 2018 2017 2019

these are the top five phones with the best battery life in the year 2018 2019 seeing a low battery notification on the phone is just horrific you won’t have to worry about that happening too much with these phones.


1.Moto Z play

and the number one is the Moto Z play this phone lasts almost a full day 23 hours and 3 minutes the Moto G play also is compatible with Motorola’s Moto mods accessories so you can add a camera or speaker to it really easily.

Moto Z play long battery life Phone 2018 2017

2.Galaxy S 7

number two Galaxy S seven phones we’re going to bundle all of the s7 variants together the regular s7 gets a respectable 16 hours on a single charge the s7 edge will run for 19 hours however the s7 active is the champ of all the s7 s with 21 hours of battery life .

Galaxy S 7 long battery life Phone 2018 2017

3.huawei mate 9

and number three the huawei mate 9 18 hours and 35 minutes that’s how long the huawei mate nine will run with it’s 4000mAh battery which makes it one of the most long lasting battery phones in 2017 a downside of the mate 9 is it’s 1080p display but it doesn’t come with a really good camera

huawei mate 9 long battery life Phone 2018 2017

4.OnePlus three T

and number four the oneplus 3 T when Sina reviewed the one plus 3 she called it our new favorite budget Android the one plus three t1 up the Galaxy j-3 it survived 16 hours on a charge

OnePlus three T long battery life Phone

5. Samsung Galaxy j-3

at number five the Samsung Galaxy j-3 if you want a phone that’s ridiculously inexpensive and has great battery life look no further than the Galaxy j-3 which can be found for around $80 in our tests it lasted a whopping 15 hours and 40 minutesand the Samsung Galaxy j-3 is a fine entry-level phone with a long lasting battery for light users.

Samsung Galaxy j-3  long battery life Phone 2018 2017 2019 2020

6.xiaomi redmi 4 prime

xiaomi redmi 4 prime is one of the best options when it comes to a long lasting battery phone. a large number of people who owned this phone said that it has a very excellent battery that lasted them a really long time.



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