10 Best tips to cook a Steak To Temp

Line cooks share their best tips on how to cook a steak

Have any of yall ever successfully taught a new person how to properly cook a steak to temp.? I’ve tried to articulate it for goin on 15 years now and I still cant teach you how to do it. Also maybe I guard some of my knowledge because its MY knowledge; hard earned and hard fought. I just tell em, “Cook at least 1,000 of the same cut of meat and maybe you will get it. I dont know how or why I know, I just do.” Last Valentines DAY I cooked 113 metro cut “bistro sirloins” w/ half skewers of grilled shrimp. and we closed at 9! 5-9 PM Valentines Special. Only 1 came back and it was because the steak itself was shitty and grizzled. Just curious….and the palm of the hand thing I cant make work and no I dont just use a temp. gauge. Eyeballs and feel only.


This sounds stupid but this is how I learn. Timers Until u learn the feel and look of different temps. Never had send backs and food went out real quick cuz I knew when to drop it. I was self taught how to cook when everyone quit one day


Squeeze it and go off the juice. It’s still med-rare if the juice is real red. Clear juice means med well and up. I use it if the steak has a hard sear or it’s a shitty cut and I’m not sure


I am 66, and am a one man show, at a veterans club. One server and a dishwasher. Friday evening’s we have 12 oz. ribeyes, 8 oz. filet, baked potato, and salad. Also, fried fish dinner, and sandwiches. A typical evening is 45-60 char-broiled steaks, 15 fish, and assorted sandwiches, tenders,etc.
We serve from 5:30-8;00.
All steaks cooked by looks, and the timer in my head. The timer, that can only be turned off, with a scotch, at 8:01??


I cook 100 to 250 steaks a night. Only ones that come back are ignorant guest or bad cuts of meat.
Use the palm method. Best I ever seen.


Do the same thing over and over and over again and u can close your eyes and still can do it….its complicated but simple.
Same heat…same pan…same amount time…same way of cooking = the same result every time… It’s physic it aint magic.


Use thermo + feel until you can feel what med rare, med, etc feel like. Practice until you just know. There’s other factors of course but they also jist start to make sense.


I always have them feel a correctly temped steak at least a dozen times if they arent comfortable with it.


Its called experience and if the steak was shitty, it was your fault for not throwing it out. I hate arrogance. Train your guys to be the best team. You don’t work alone…


I work at longhorn where we make 300-400 steaks a night ?? I still use a biotherm. But the palm of the hand thing actually is a lifesaver when your cooking hundreds of steaks a night.


Watch the color of the blood rise?

And I enjoy the touch method.

But yeah after 20 years. Can just see that shit

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