How to start doing Female Fade designs without messing up the cut

fading women hair is not too different from doing it on men, it is a little bit sensitive though because women are more here are number of tips from professional Female Barbers to help you start doing fade designs on your clients the easy way and without a risk to messing up the haircut


When you do a skin fade practice on the bottom part that ur gonna skin off

you can practice properly on a family member

some clients will let you try it on them if you ask them to, I have a couple of clients that I know will let me but I can use my wife more. She won’t complain about sitting for a while.

I had random girls come in that wanted it so I told the parents I had never done it before (every time) and they said go for it. I worked at a chain at the time so I just charged them $5 on top of their haircut and got some practice


Fear will hold you back. I started with simple lines. Then I started using designs I saw on the internet, tracing with a pencil on the hair, and then using my trimmers.

Practice a swirl and a line that’s all there is to it

Put a line in the head…no turning back after that. Start simple like a part do it for a week or so on every client (that requests it) and add on to it after you get comfortable

Go with the flow, the more you do, the better you’ll get. There’s always a first time for everything. check out the best hair dryers that don’t damage hair.

Use the corner of your blade! Hold trimmer like a pencil! Start small first! Eventually, you’ll master it!


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  1. sara

    if I were you, I would buy Wahl clippers with the plastic guards. It has the little hinge that goes between a whole number and 1/2. They are color coded from 1 to 6? Start with the longest guard to the occipital then fade accordingly with lower guards to the nape. The hard part for you will be the scissor cutting on the top. Practice Practice Practice.

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