10 Best Hair Dryers That Doesn’t Damage Hair 2020 Top Rated List

best hair dryer that doesnt damage hair

At best10for.com we review tens of the most reliable hair dryer brands in 2020,test their drying quality , Price and measure their decibel level and performance to find the quietest ones and the most powerful brands that will serve you for a long time ,if you want to buy a good quality hair dryer for an affordable price our best blow dryer for women review 2020 will help you find the best hair dryer and help you pick the style or model that is best for you based on thousands of people experience .

Things you should know before shopping for a hair dryer

because I wrote a post on how I get myself a blowout it would be good to talk about hair dryers and what I’ve used and what I like and what I think you should look for in a hair dryer I get a lot of questions about various different hair tools and people wanting to know what I think and what I like and all that kind of stuff so I’m going to go ahead and tell you about the three hair dryers that I use and I like but first I’m going to start off by talking a little bit about what I think it’s important to look for in a hair dryer.

metal heating feature vs ceramic what’s the difference !

dryers with plastic or metal heating parts are more likely to produce high temperature degrees that dry the hair quicker which might burn your hair or damage it by heating it unevenly
while hair dryers that have ceramic heating parts inside them produces heat that radiates more evenly across the hair and gives the best results .

how to choose your hair dryer ? 

a good hair dryer has tourmaline treated elements.
hair dryers that have ceramic and tourmaline as parts

of their heating systems produces much gentler and evenly

spreaded heat guaranteeing the best hair drying experience

and results.
hair dryers with ionic drying feature
your hair has both positive and negatively charged spots , the water on your wet hair is positive.

ionic dryers that emit negative ions cause globs of H2O molecules to divide into smaller particles that evaporate faster

cheap hair dryers especially the ones with plastic or metal heating parts spread positive ions that gets the hair to be dull and frizzy while good quality hair dryers diffuse negative ions and get the hair cuticle to trap moisture and eliminate frizz.

how many wattage should a good hair dryer have ?

high wattage means more strength and more reliability which means you will get your hair dry quicker . any hair dryer with 1300 Watts or higher will do an excellent job

weight is important
light blow dryers that weight less then 1 pound will be more comfortable to use then heavier ones

choose a blow dryer with multiple heat and speed settings
Different hair types need different heat levels.  this is a very  important option it lets you choose the temperature and the blowing degree which works best for you .

Take good care of your hair to reduce damage during using your hair dryer

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We Recommend not to wrap the cord around the dryer as this may cause damage to the cord of your hair dryer.

Best Hair Dryers For Normal ,Fine & Sensitive Hair 2020

best hair dryers for beauty salon

Updated Dec: 2019

1.  Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Pro Ionic Hair Dryer

Number 1 hair Dryer for all types of hair .

manufactured by the karmin famous dry blower brand this professional hair dryer is Powerful, quiet and it works well with all hair types. with the ability to switch the ionic feature on and off  you can control each and every feature this hair dryer provides ,if you run a beauty salon or you dry your hair more often and you are looking for an excellent quality hair dryer that will serve you for long years the karmin salon series blow dryer is what you are looking for.

Karmin Salon Series Features Review : 

  • UltraLight (less than 1 pound!)
  • 3 heat settings / 2 speed settings
  • 1800 Watt Professional Grade Motor
  • Ceramic Coated Nozzle for Infrared heat & Ion Generator to create Shine
  • It comes with a 3 years warranty

the Karmin-Salon Ultralight Professional Ionic hair dryer is lightweight but yet very powerful. The dryer and cord combined weighs about 17.25 ounces. The dryer alone weighs 13 ounces.
The power cord is 11 feet long with a circuit breaker protector built into the end of the cord. That is certainly a very long power cord so you can use at eat in your beauty salon or at home . The unit is rated at 120 VAC at 60 Hz so it is not suitable for some other countries outside the US.

  • It comes with a large air nozzle and heat and air flow diffuser
  • It comes with an air nozzle concentrator.
  •  It has the ability to output 1800 watts of heat to quickly dry your hair
  •  Its design allows it to output positive or negative ions to help dry your hair faster and condition your hair.

as we mentioned before that negative ions help the water in your hair evaporate faster using less heat and time and so your hair doesn’t get damaged from the dryer and shinier and healthier. Negative ions help remove the water from your hair faster and the positive ions can help the conditioning products that you add to your hair to work better.
The dryer had 2 speed settings for low and high.
The dryer has 3 heat settings and they are cool, warm and hot.
There is a cool shot button on the handle and when we pressed it the heating turns off and the air very quickly switches to cool to avoid overheating an area of your hair. The fan speed slightly increases as a result of the heating components of the dryer drawing less current.
The dryer has a switch setting for negative and positive ion generation and the green LED means it is generating negative ions and the blue LED means it is set on positive ions.

Negative is best for drying your hair and positive is best to help you hair conditioning additives to work better. This is supposed to help keep your hair frizz free.
The unit uses ceramic heaters and a ceramic coated nozzle. It also contains an ionic tourmaline nozzle.
The unit has a hanging loop built into the handle so you can hang it up when you are finished using it

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Karmin Salon Series Hair Dryer

2.Dyson Supersonic Fast Hair Dryer

one of the most powerful and fast hair dryers in the united states is the dyson super sonic hair dryer it has a small powerful engine with air temperature control system for fast drying that makes it one of the best hair dryers that doesn’t damage hair

most hair dryers pull hair from the intake during the drying process because the intake is located in the back of the dryer, on the Dyson it sits on the bottom of the handle so you will not be having this issue.

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Dyson fast hair dryer

3.Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

this is one of the most successful hair dryers in the united states preferred by women in different ages it works well for all hair types and its perfect for thin hair it makes hair smoother, this hair dryer is currently one of the best selling hair dryers inside the united states.

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Revlon Salon One Step Dryer

best hair dryer that does not damage hair

4. Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer

in the second place comes the best hair dryer for the year 2015 the karmlin G3 salon pro is a must have hair dryer it’s doing a great job at satisfying every one who uses it , it’s much faster then other hair dryers its powerful reliable it has a very long life duration and works really quiet it does a great job on curly hair and all types of hair plus it was designed for long years for loyal performance it doesn’t get weighed down either after I’ve got the product all the way through my hair the G3 hair dryer glides pretty smoothly and it’s really light and pretty comfortable to use and it’s got the swivel cord.

Karmin G3 Salon pro hair dryer Features Review :

    • good quality Long lasting 1875W AC Motor
    • two Speed Settings
    • two warm/hot  settings  and a “cold shot” button 
    • two Narrow Nozzle attachments + Diffuser
    • Cool Shot
    • Low Electromotive force
  • three years warranty
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Karmin G3 Salon pro hair dryer

5.Prodryer Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

this is an excellent hair dryer that can work anywhere whether you own a beauty salon or you want to use it at home the prodryer hair dryer works for the majority of hair types it’s full of air blow and heat control options providing the best user experience for everyone who uses it, it has many special characteristics the plug also has a GFI plug on the end of it so if anything happens it will automatically turn itself off.

Prodryer blow Dryer Features Review

    • Lightweight Professional Hair Dryer For all Hair Types
    • Guranteed To give hair a shiny, silky, and freeze free feeling after use
    • hair dryer with a good grip for easy hold
    • 3 Meters Cable To Have Your Hair Dry Just About Anywhere
    •  2100 Watts Powerful Motor with Anti-overheating Mechanism
  • 5 flexible control mechanisms related to Power Off/On, Hot Blast, Cool Drying, Hot Drying, & Slow Drying
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Prodryer Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

6. xtava Allure Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

number 1 best selling hair dryer on amazon this is one of the best hair dryers you can get for a low price , people who used this hair dryer said they were so satisfied with the performance and the quality it delivers,  you have the heater switch low temperature medium temperature and high temperature and

then position switch is off general stream of air strong stream of air it’s a nice hairdryer I like to get my hair up and when I do blow-dry it so that stays in the same position as when I styled it and it doesn’t fall over so that’s what I plan on using this hair dryer for so really great product from xtava

xtava allure hair dryer features review

    • Ultra-powerful 2200W AC motor and lightweight frame
    • Includes concentrator nozzle, for added precision and frizz control
    • 2 speeds and 2 heat settings
    • Cold shot button to lock in your style
  • Ionic ceramic technology dries hair 80% faster and increases volume without over-drying

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xtava allure hair dryer

7. Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer New model

this is one of the best hair dryers our there that you can get for less then 30$ it’s a very reliable and trusted product from a leading manufacturer people  who used this hair dryer said that they have been so satisfied with it

Connair tourmaline ceramic hair dryer features review :

    • Tourmaline ceramic technology helps prevent hair  damage 
    • ultra powerful motor for fast drying
    • supplied with ionic technology for up to 75% less frizz
    • heat and speed control settings and cool shot button locks style in place
    • Hinged filter for easy cleaning and No-Slip Grip for comfortable styling
  • Diffuser helps define natural curls and waves and concentrator allows for focused airflow, making hair smooth and sleek
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Connair tourmaline ceramic hair dryer

8. Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

this is also one of the best selling hair dryers in the united states last year (2015) and this year so far, it’s affordable price and has the features every lady need to dry her hair the way she wants This dryer has warm and hot settings as well as a cool button and it has a different blowing strength settings but don’t expect it to be as strong as the previous presented  hair dryers as they are not equal in price and quality .

Revlon RV544PKF Hair dryer features review:
    • 1875 Watts of Power
    • 2 Heat/Speed Settings for complete drying and styling flexibility
    • Cold Shot Button releases cool air to lock-in the style
    • Triple Baked Ceramic for even heat distribution
    • Concentrator & Diffuser Attachments Included
    • 1875 Watts of Power
  • Triple Baked Ceramic for even heat distribution
    • 2 Heat/Speed Settings for complete drying and styling flexibility
    • Cold Shot Button releases cool air to lock-in the style
  • Concentrator & Diffuser Attachments Included
Revlon RV544PKF Hair dryer

9. Rusk W8less Professional lightweight ceramic tourmaline hair dryer

if you spend a long time using hair dryers this might be a nice choice for you because the rusk hair dryer is lighter ,better made and it dries hair more quickly, this is a good products for those who look for a good quality hair dryer which is not too expensive and not too cheap at the same time .

Rusk W8less Professional lightweight hair dryer features review 

    • Light Weight To help you Get The Job Done easly
    • Flexible wire
    • very quiet keeps Noise To A minimum
    • ultra powerful 2000 watt motor with ion generator
    • Ceramic grill infused with tourmaline
    • 7 heat / blow speed settings plus a cold shot
    • 8 feet power cord
  • one concentrator nozzles

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Rusk W8less Professional lightweight hair dryer

Rusk W8less hair dryer 2016

10.  Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 Hair Dryer

babyliss pro tourmaline titanium 3000 hair dryer like all the babyliss blow dryers is  a very trusted hair styling tools manufacturer with a large number of loyal users the technologie used in this hair dryer help to dry hair faster as the Heat generated from Nano Titanium technologie provided by this hair dryer penetrate more quickly, dries hair faster, and is more likely to kill bacteria and fungi better than a ceramic dryer it’s pretty good deal on it you could probably find it cheaper if you look on different sellers on amazon.

little bit longer

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 Hair Dryer Features Review :

    • 2000 Watt for faster drying
    • NANO Titanium with integrated Ion generator
    • Lightweight
    • dries hair fast
    • easy to use
    • nice design
  • powerful motor and blowing force
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Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 Hair Dryer

11. Remington AC2015 T|Studio Salon Collection Hair Dryer

the new Remington ceramic pearl hair dryer this is a hair dryer with a ton of great accessories and tools all included and there’s a four year warranty so if you’re like me and you’re harder on your accessory is

the limited warranty we’ll make sure that you are always in product that you need a couple of things that I want to feature are the lint and dust trap that goes into the back of the hair dryer this will make sure that you are not getting any of that dust into the Machine and it will operate smoothly

presented by the trusted hair styling company the remington AC2015 is a the best choice for the remington brand most of people who have used this product have been happy with it saying that it dries hair fast besides it lasted them long .

Remington AC2015  Features Review:

    • Patent-pending ceramic pearl technology for the smoothest salon finish ever
    • 1875 watt ac motor for 40% faster drying time and 3x longer motor life
    • Ionic conditioning
    • 3 heat settings/2 speeds
  • Bonus concentrator and diffuser included
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Remington AC2015 hair dryer

12. Conair 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

if you are looking for a cheap dryer with nice features and good reputation this conair hair dryer will be the best choice for you, it was not designed to handle thick hair or deliver heavy duty performance but it can do an excellent job for light usage and impressed thousands of users around the country as it made large number of sales last year and this year so far .

 Conair 1875 Watt Hair Dryer Features Review:

    • Ergonomic handle with nonslip grip
    • two heat/speed settings
    • lightweight
    • 1875 watts of drying power
  • high, off, and low settings
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 Conair 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

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