10 Best Tips To Sweep Hair From the Floor Without Kneeling

Hello can someone give me advice on how the hair needs to be swept from the floor I usally kneel down and use a dust pan and brush but with all this covid 19 I don’t feel to comfortable kneeling down and getting to close to the hair just incase The spread of the virus has anyone used them bins that suck hair in? Or any other suggestions thank you
I’ve been using one of those vacuum bins for a couple of years and they are brilliant
this is exactly what you need. Is there any guideline on how to get rid of the hair? Or just as normal in a black bin bag i?
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Eyevac.. by Sibel. They are brilliant. You can get them at most wholesalers
Why would u kneel down with a dust pan an brush? Trust me after zillions of years doing barbering you have to look after your back. Had so many ‘bosses’ saying it’s cheating but, yes, get a dust pan and brush like Craig has said or a vacuum hair bust duster  they ate Brill… Still have to empty it though.
Don’t know how long u been doin hair job
I’m too surprised that u knee down n brush that’s not how we been trained, I don’t k ow how big o small ur shop is still never knee down n brush hair u will need a brush
At the moment it’s only 1 in a 1000 that have Covid – 19 symptoms, you are pretty safe I think from hair, it’s the breath of the punter you need to be wary of


Long handled pan and brush
Go to home bargains or B&M any cheap home shop and get dust pan with a long handle.
Wise words from a legend called trigger “Look after your broom “ .


Your touching the hair when u cut it off what the difference

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  1. james

    what about the fumes from
    The hair ? Reason why I’m trying avoid all contact with to much hair

    • necola

      you wont get fumes coming off the hair.in fact you have more chance of the hair flicking in your face during a haircut than when it’s on the floor.just wear your ppe,dont touch your face and wash your hands after and your be fine x

      • james

        thank you I have everything ready mask Goggles and a face shield just need something so it don’t steam up

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