4 Best Barber Booking apps in USA 2023

What booking app lets you charge for no shows? or lets you put a down payment on an appointment?

Online appointment booking apps for barbers has become the best way to manage appointments during the coronavirus pandemic in the united states and the rest of the world as social distancing in barbershops has become a huge concern to both barbers & clients.

I’m in Florida and we have not opened up yet shelly powel said.. we haven’t been told any requirements. We have 3 barbers. Our business is a walk in. I am thinking of creating a system of numbered cards. One set numbered to 10 in red, one set of 10 in white, and one set in blue. Each barber would have a color. A customer would come in to get a number from the barber of choice and go back to his car and put the number on his windshield. When the barber is ready he just steps out and gets his next customer. The customer returns the number. The numbers would be laminated and would be reused and disinfected each time. I also have installed hand sanitizer dispensers to be used on the way in and on the way out. I am just trying to think ahead.” but what about clients who don’t own a car? or those who can’t wait outside for a long time? Well,if I use an app it will do all that for me. They just go to the app and book the time then show up.

This is a new list with the best apps for barber appointments in the united states that will make it easy for you to manage your clients appointments during COVID-19 and even in normal days.

1. Booksy

with more than 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.8/5 stars this app is one of the most used apps for hair shaving appointments by clients and barbers those who use Booksy and said they like the organization and simplification it brings to the scheduling process.

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booksy Appointments app

2.Square booking app for barbers

It’s pretty simple it gives you the option to hold a card to be able to charge a fee in case of a no-show. it’s easy to set up & customize everything, you can create your booking link, share or post the link & it takes them straight to your booking site.

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Square Appointments App

3.vagaro booking Platform

one of the special things about vagaro is that it shows so many things as far as how many clients are booking online new and repeat. So you can actually see how your barbers are doing. If you got someone that isn’t getting repeat clients then you need to get rid of them or B figure out how they can start retaining.

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vagaro booking app

4.the cut

only lets you make appointments yourself.

Clients will not be able to download the app to book with you. They will need to call and you will manually enter them.

Clients can use app to book online.

You can BLAST all customers that have booked with you to in the past and have the app. You can charge a No-Show fee.

There’s a free version, but you have to set up your own appointments as to the app doing it with the customer for you. there’s manual moments with the free version, but the paid version allows you to be advertised and work with without worrying on appointment setting

I used the customer blast option for the first time and booked 9 appointments in about 2 minutes.

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TheCut Booking App

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