10 Tips on How to Cut Hair For People who can’t stay awake when you’re giving them a cut?


So how do you handle people who can’t stay awake when your giving them a cut? 15 minutes into the cut he got wobble neck like a..and his head was heavy asl . So the last time he nodded off he near fell outta the chair and made me cut higher then needed and at this point i was done with his cut i was just doing some detailing work (magic clips closed) (bald fade) I was able to fix it but he made the comment that I should be able to cut someone’s hair no matter if they keep nodding off or not .


jon: if a client falls asleep in your chair thats a compliment to me. It means they trust u not to mess their hair while they are alseep or nodding off versus those clients that dont trust u and are in the mirror every 5 minutes, GRIP AND HOLD HIS HEAD LIKE U WOULD DO A KID. THATS WHAT MOST BARBERS DO I THINK

claire: I talk to him and if that doesn’t work I’ll hold his head steady with one hand

juane: That used to be me, after I’d get off work, I would go an get a cut tired as hell, my Barber at the time kept it professional and knocked out the cut as usual. I now find myself doing the same with my clients, I just hold their head firm while cutting!

willie: I let them know.. yoo if u wake up with a random bald spot or a crazy line up just know it was ur fault.. it works every time

charles: Lol your doing a good job of there that relaxed however just tell them it’s an extra $25 for moving targets ..,

cynthia: The only time its easy to cut someone while they’re sleeping…is a child..
As an adult, if you want a dope cut you need to participate in making your cut as easy for the barber as possible….just as much as we do what we can to improve our customers experience, an adult should also be aware that they are getting a cut…or a shave.
Its hard not to get sleepy when ur in the chair.., I still do when I’m a customer…..but i see the other side of that as a barber….so i remain still to give my barber a good canvas……
Its consideration man.

alexandra: Spray them.it does work like a charm

robert: When the customer falls asleep in the chair. It doesn’t bother me one bit. To me it’s a sign of relaxation! unless his head goes down and jerks back up.

olivia: I’ve got a guy that passes out every damn time… it doesn’t bother me tbh… however, he hasn’t ever fell out the chair or caused me to mess up anything so far… I take it as a compliment…

teflon: I take pride in clients falling asleep in my chair. They apologize but I let them know it’s ok. Its a sign of trust most of the time. Also let’s you know you’re not rough on scalps. Some ppl don’t get much rest until they hit the chair. But thats just me.

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