Why the color of the barber poles is red white blue???

If you don’t know, you must have slept through Barber School…Back to school you go

The barber pole was held during plebotomy ( blood letting ) it also represented externally a place of recourse where someone could be treated by the surgeon for ailments such as blood letting amputation leeching and so many other practices. The barber surgeons were more apt in surgical procedures of the time – because they had the blades etc. and the surgeons they were more academic.
Eventually the college of surgeons was formed and Barbers were not permitted to do the procedures anymore. The coats long and short separated the two. That is why the doctors wear the long white coat and the barbers would wear the short white coat.

Red – is represented as blood, because in ancient time Barber do the job of Surgeon, that we called Barba.
Blue – represented as veins
White – is represented as
gauzed bandage.

Because original pole was red/white, Barbers were bloodletters and when they hung white towels to dry there was still red on them from the blood ?.. blue was added when Barbers added dentistry to our repertoire!!!

chris tyler palmer

The colors represent bloodletting. A healing process performed by barbers back in the day. Red is for blood, white is for the bandages and blue represents the veins. The bottom cap of the pole is to represent the basin they used to catch the blood during the procedure

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