5 Cheapest Luxurious Fridges 2018 2019 You Can Buy

Best Affordable 4 Door Samsung Refrigerator 2018 2019

 cheap luxurious samsung refrigerator 2018 2019

This years  best affordable luxurious refrigerator 2018 2018 is the samsung’s French 4-door food showcase refrigerator it’s a luxurious $3,700 fridge from last year but this year you can get it from major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and Best Buy for around $2,500 at that price I think it’s actually a steal lets take a look at the most important features that come with this fridge.


1. 4 dour fridge with bottom drawer style freezer

this luxurious affordable fridge is a traditional French door design with the split door fridge up top and the drawer style freezer down below but you get a nice modern aesthetic thanks to that black stainless steel finish

4 dour fridge with bottom drawer style freezer 2018 2019

2. a refrigerator with temperature presets

this fridge also has two pretty compelling features that help set it apart from a lot of the competition first up is the flex zone drawer down the refrigerator it’s got 3.8 cubic feet of extra storage space for groceries along with the four dedicated temperature presets you can cycle through those just by pressing the button

a refrigerator with temperature presets 2018 2019

3. a fridge with food showcase compartment

here it’s a very nice feature to have in a fridge like this you also get a food showcase compartment which is just the right half of the door you open it by pulling a trigger in the handle when you do the front panel will come open while the door will stay closed that lets you get a beer or some butter out without actually opening the door


4. luxurious fridge with adjustable shelves

I really like the interior of this fridge too and I love the fact that you get two sets of moveable shelves you get the refrigerator shelve slides back out of the way and then another one that folds up out of the way with a little bit of extra effort

luxurious fridge with adjustable shelves 2018 2019

5.icemaster ice maker

I am less enamored however with that ice master icemaker up on the top shelf it heats up a little over 1/2 cubic foot of space and it drops ice down through that chute in the door and that chute kind of locks off the shelf below it.

5.a luxurious fridge with accurate temperature performance

performance-wise this is a very solid fridge it held accurate steady temperatures in the body of the refrigerator throughout all of my tests and even that food showcased compartment did well it held all the average temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit which is a very good result the standout though is probably that flex zone drawer all four of those temperature presets are very very accurate especially the coldest setting down at 29 degrees.

luxurious fridge with accurate temperature performance 2018 2019

Samsung’s French 4-Door Food Showcase fridge has compelling features, great looks, excellent performance, and a sale price well below $3,000. all in all the bottom line on this fridge is pretty simple right now it’s a great looking refrigerator with excellent performance and very cool features at $2,500 it’s absolutely a steal

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