How To Undo a Small nut with a Big Size Spanner

How To Use a Coin to reduce a spanner size and undo multiple size nuts

How To Undo a Small nut with a Big Size Spanner

Best spanner and nut opening techniques today I’m gonna show you how to undo a nut or a bolt if you haven’t got the right tool.

1.use a nut and a bolt to undo another bolt

the first way is really simple you can try using another nut and bolt to undo the first one wind the nut up the bolt so it’s a tight fit over the one you want to undo then simply use it to turn the bolt and undo it effectively you’re simply using a nut and bolt to make an adjustable wrench pretty cool huh?

use a nut and a bolt to undo another nut & bolt

2.use a coin to reduce spanner size

if you have got a spanner but is too big to locate on to the bolt properly you can use something to take up the gap I’m using a coin here in between the bolt and spanner to fill the clearance and this allows me to undo the bolt  it’s a really simple and really effective way to help you out use a coin to reduce spanner sizeyou can of course fill the gap with something else instead you could use a metal washer or even a screwdriver from your toolbox you might find it a bit of a struggle but it can be really useful if you haven’t got the right tool and it’s not just for undoing a bolt from a plank of wood you really can use it for nuts and bolts which are tightly fixed too

use a Screwdriver to reduce spanner size and undo nuts

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