5 Best Cheap Mobile Phones To Buy in 2018 2019

Top 5 Cheap Mobile Phones To Buy in 2018 2019 in the United States

best cheap phone huawei honor 6x 2017 2018 2018

best cheap phones in 2017 2018 in the united states these are the best inexpensive phones you can get right now every phone here to be found for under $300 and that’s the unlock price let’s see our options.


1.Moto G 5 plus mobile phone

and the number one cheap phone is the Moto G 5 plus it starts at around $230 and it’s well worth it you get an ear stock version of Android on the g5 plus the fingerprint sensor works as well as apples touch ID and it also lets you use gestures or shortcuts the 12 megapixel camera is decent although not great in darker environment the g5 plus can also capture video in 4k as Sina editor Patrick Holland said there is no better budget phone than Motorola’s Moto G 5 plus

best cheap motorola Moto G 5 plus phone 2017 2018 2019


2.Moto e 4 phone

at number two is the amazingly cheap Moto e 4 cheap mobile phone  it costs $130 unlocked or $99 if you get the Amazon Prime version with ads the e 4 survived more than 14 hours in our tests the camera is a bit sluggish when it comes to processing pictures that may be forgivable because of its price tag the e 4 also has a snappy fingerprint sensor that can handle shortcuts kind of like the idol 5s

best cheap motorola Moto e 4 phone 2017 2018 2019


3.Alcatel idol 5s phone

and number three is the Alcatel idol 5s there’s so much to like about this phone the fingerprint sensor on the rear handles shortcuts like getting you back to the home screen or pulling down the notification tray while the idol 5s does not have optical image stabilisation its digital image stabilisation worked pretty well it costs around $200 if you get the Amazon Prime Edition so what’s the downside the battery life is short at 7 hours and 48 minutes

best cheap Alcatel idol 5s  phone 2017 2018 2019

4.ZTE Blade v8 pro mobile phone

that number four is the ZTE Blade v8 pro which you can pick up for around 230 dollars it might not be the most exciting phone when it comes to design but it does have great battery life the ZTE Blade v8 pro survived 14 hours in our battery tests the screen is nice and bright –see the best TVs -list- this year. but we found the phone to be a bit on the heavy side weighing in at six point five ounces Oh the v8 pearl also has dual rear cameras that can handle low-light situations admirably

best cheap ZTE Blade v8 pro phone 2017 2018 2019

5. huawei honor 6x phone

number five is a huawei honor 6x you can find this phone for around $200 these days it’s gimmick is its dual rear cameras along with lots of photo tools and modes the honor 6x to create that nice depth of field effect it’s also got a pretty big screen with a 5.5 inch display the fingerprint sensor is on the back and it’s easy to reach.

best cheap phone huawei honor 6x 2017 2018 2018


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