4 Best TVs In 2018 .Updated List

Top TVs for The Year 2018 List

best TVs 2018 2019

there were an insane amount of TVs being shown off at CES this year every manufacturer had something cool to show off and the theme was definitely thin for even companies like TCL were boasting how thin their lineup was and even Xiaomi showed off a few crazy thin and affordable panels but there were some that were just mind-blowing.


1.Hisense 4k laser cast TV 2018

I’m gonna start it off with Hisense ,Hisense had a great 2017 for they had some great budget 4k TVs and they had plenty to show off here but the one that caught my eye was this huge 8k panel that was front and center just like this guy I had to do a double-take it was a whopping 98 inches and it was absolutely gorgeous

I think 4k looks incredible already but a K is four times the resolution of 4k and on a big panel like this it was definitely amazing to see

this thing has 800 nits of brightness and covers 90% of the DCI p3 color space (I dream of this) they did have some smaller a.k TVs there as well that were quantum dot panels with wide color gamut HDR support 800 nits of brightness as well with local dimming and it’s ultra LED technology and the only downside for us in the u.s. is that Hisense is planning to release these in China first so no plans to release these in the US at this time ,man I hope that change this.

Hisense 4k TV 2018 2017 2019

they also have this crazy 100 inch 4k laser cast TV that will be out later this year it’s an ultra short throw projection system that features HDR support covers 82% NTSC as 120 Hertz motion and UHD upscaling with 5.1 surround sound that uses the wireless speakers and the subwoofer to achieve

Hisense 4k laser cast TV 2018 2017 2019

they even showed off the dual laser cast 4k which has two lasers and two color wheels which would give it better color gamut and higher brightness capabilities but the laser cast will set you back $13,000 so get your wallet ready in the summer

they also updated a ton of their 4k low-end mid-range and flagship TVs this year the screen sizes go up to a huge 86 inch panel with the h8 d series I love the curve you led 65 inch quantum dot model for I have one of these in my house which I absolutely love this one has an updated nicer look with a crazy 1218 it’s of brightness HDR 10 and Dolby vision support why color gamut and local dimming it looks amazing and the pricing is very reasonable


the lower-end h7d series brings you 4k with HDR and smart TV compatibility with the UHD upscaling starting at just 399 dollars I really love what Hisense is doing here with their TV lineup you need to watch out for them I think they’re gonna do really well this year



2. LG W Oled TV 2018

the next TV that I was blown away by is LG’s TV OLED W I mean it’s literally breathtaking when you see it it’s a work of art it is just 3.85 millimeters thin it looks like it’s just floating on the wall that’s where you’ll have to keep it though because there’s no stand this is wall mount only because all of its ports and components are in this sound bar with pop-up speakers which also has support for Dolby Atmos which I got to check out in a demo booth and it sounds pretty legit

this will be available this year in 65 and 70 seven-inch variants I’m sure this will be expensive the picture is absolutely mind-blowing though covering 99% of the DCI color space would support for Dolby vision HDR 10h LG and Technicolor HDR

LG wouldn’t share details if the panel was new or not so I’m assuming it’s the same panel as last year with some improvements but you can’t complain it looks insane they also updated their super UHD TV models with nano crystal technology and they look stunning as well

LG OLED 4k TV 2018 2017 2019

3. Sony OLED 4K TV 2018

LG wasn’t the only one showing off a stunning OLED panel Sony came out swinging with this a1e bravia OLED TV it’s super thin as well is not quite as thin as the LG TV but it’s still ridiculous and the picture quality here is insane and that has to do with the Sony x1x treem processing that is just dedicated to the picture itself and there is a separate processor for the Android TV operating system that’s onboard

of course you have HDR 10 and Dolby vision support here as well the blacks look amazing of course because it’s an OLED panel and the colors really pop some people will either love or hate the stand but it does have a built-in subwoofer in it and all the ports and components are housed in here but Sony says you can’t tuck this in and wall mount it since it has a built-in base amount

Sony OLED 4k TV 2018 2017 2019

the display has super-thin bezels and you will notice there are no speakers on the front because get this this TV uses the entire panel as the speaker’s yep it’s called acoustic surface and it vibrates the panel itself to generate sound so if someone is talking in a place and someone else is talking some where else you should be able to tell them apart this is insane I can’t wait to try this out you can send me one Sony it’s okay Sony is not manufacturing their own OLED panels at this time they are being made by LG


4. Samsung Oled 4K TV 2018

the last one when you talk about here is Samsung they kind of took a dig against OLED saying that the quantum dot LED is just as good or not better than oullette Samsung claims that Q LED panels are brighter between 1,500 and 2,000 nits which is insane and it covers up to 100% of the color volume with accurate DCI p3 color reproduction no matter the brightness of the TV which they say is an industry-first the panel’s look fantastic with nice build quality and they offer some unique mounting options as well with interchangeable frames they also showed off a unified software experience with Tizen OS and this cool looking remote this one remote should do it all without all the mess and hopefully I’ll get to try one of these q LED TVs out here in the future

samsung OLED 4k TV 2018 2017 2019

so what do you guys think was your favorite TV out of all of them and which one are you most excited about let me know in the comment section below and if you’d like to see more TV coverage on this website section then make sure you hit that share button right on the top on the thread ,there’ll be links to these TVs if you like the check their prices and see what people say about them Share with your friends for more cool lists like this and I will see you in the next post.

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