Should you buy a 4K Television OR a HDR TV? Here Is The Answer

4k TVs VS HDR Televisions Comparison which tv should i buy?

4k televisionv vs hdr tv comparison which tv should i buy

4K televisions reviews 2017 2018 things you need to know before you buy a 4K tv these are the top five things you should know about 4k TVs.


1.don’t buy a 4K tv if you are looking for a cheap television

have you been staring at your HDTV and realizing it’s time for an upgrade well you should read this before you make your decision to go and buy a 4K telivision.

the number one don’t pay extra for 4k if you’re looking to buy a cheap television especially a smaller one 4k is no reason to pay extra unless you’re sitting really really really close to the television you are not going to notice the difference between a small 4k or HD screen (don’t hate me for that one)


2.look for HDR and wide color gamut features in your tv

number two look for HDR and wide color gamut these things might be more important than 4k resolution itself why high dynamic range or HDR along with wide color allow a television to show pictures that are more true to life look for these two features if you’re getting a 4k TV


3.4K TV will not improve the quality of your image

and number three 4k resolution does not improve image quality alone just because you’ve got a lot of pixels in the screen doesn’t mean it’s going to look great look for features like local dimming why image quality local dimming dims areas of the screen that need to be darker and leaves bright areas bright without a feature like this the image can appear washed out .


4.most tv shows are not in 4K

at number 4 most content won’t be in 4k ,so let’s say you’ve got a 4k TV but what are you going to watch you could invest in an Ultra HD blue-ray player and get some 4k blue-ray discs alternatively you can get the 4k version of Netflix but not everything will be in 4k but you can watch Breaking Bad and house of cards in high-resolution

5. finding a 4K TV in easier then it is for HDTVs

number 5 they’re cheaper than ever these days it’s harder to find an HDTV than it is to find a 4k TV the best televisions out there are 4k so if you’re looking to find a TV that has a lot more pixels than your old TV you won’t have to go broke.


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