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5 Ways To Use Your Saucepan You Didn’t Think About Before!!

5 Fun Ways to use your Saucepan to make your cooking easier

Use saucepan as an Iron to iron clothes


5 Ways to use your Saucepan to make your cooking easier today I’m going to show you five really cool life hacks using a saucepan in the kitchen to make your life a lot more easier and fun.

1.use the saucepan as a stand for your wooden spoon

if you’re cooking something and you’ve been using a wooden spoon to stir it you can use the hole in the saucepan handle there’s a convenient stand for the spoon this saves your work surfaces from getting dirty or stops you having to wash up an extra plate just make sure you knock off any additional food before you stand it up.

use saucepan as a stand for wooden spoon

2.use your saucepan to peel the garlic fast

if you’re cooking with garlic rather than peeling them with your hands which will make your hand smell and often leaves the skin stuck to your fingers just put the whole garlic into a saucepan place on the lid hold it firmly so it doesn’t come off and give it a good shake it only takes a few seconds before the garlic breaks up and you can see it starts to peel the cloves keep shaking and shaking until all the cloves appealed and if you like you can use a spoon to remove the cloves to stop your hands from smelling.

use saucepan to peel garlic fast

3.use your saucepan to peel boiled eggs easily

if you’re cooking hard-boiled eggs when they’re ready keep out the hot water and cool them down with cold fill the pan up about halfway and put on the lid hold it on firmly and give the pan a good shake take the lid off and you can see the eggs are half peeled the rest of the shell removes easily by brushing it off with your thumbs and your eggs are ready to eat

use saucepan to peel boiled eggs easily


4.make crushed ice with your saucepan

if you want to make some crushed ice take some ice cubes and drop them into a freezer bag place it onto a chopping board and give it a good whack with your Best Saucepan it’s really satisfying to do and it’s the perfect way to keep your drink cool.

make crushed ice with your saucepan

5.Use your saucepan as an Iron

if you need to do some ironing but your iron is not working properly or maybe you haven’t got one take a saucepan and make sure it’s really clean on the bottom heat up some water about an inch deep and when it’s really hot you’re ready to iron if you like you can spray your garment with some water mist then iron as normal using the pan pretty cool huh?

Use saucepan as an Iron to iron clothes


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