Fun Drinking Straw Illusion Trick 2020

Amazing Magic Tricks To Do With A Drinking Straw


Amazing Magic Tricks To Do With A Drinking Straw


today I’m going to show you a really simple magic trick using a drinking straw it’s really easy to do and you can magically make a drinking straw appear from your hand.

start by taking a straw and use a pair of scissors to put a slice from the bottom all the way to the top, open out one end and roll it up into a tight little roll it should look like the picture bellow.

if you were to let it go it would spring back out into the shape of a straw

but we’re gonna hide it in the palm of our hand and when you come to undo it pull it through your fingers and let it all uncoil in the palm of your hand hide this from whoever you’re showing it to and it’ll look like you’re pulling a straw from out of your hand.

if you like you can chop up a drinking straw first then hide it in your hand to make it look like you magically fixed it, of course you won’t be able to drink out of this straw because it’s got a slice in it but it’s a really fun illusion,  pretty cool huh?.

fun Drinking Straw Illusion Trick

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