6 Quick And Easy Cooking Tips To Cook Faster,Better & More Easily 2020

Quick And Easy Cooking Tips To Cook Faster

Top 6 Kitchen tips To Cook Faster, Better and More Easily 2020

Take a look at these six cooking hacks of 2018 that will save you time in the kitchen.

1.making your seasoned pepper

your pepper mill is more versatile than you might think, tighten the top screw to get finely ground pepper which is ideal for soups and sauces. for general seasoning you want it medium ground to set the screw in the middle and loosen it right off for course pepper which is perfect for steaks and fish.

making your seasoned pepper

2.Peeling the garlic fast:

if it’s one clove simply bash it with the back of a knife and the skin will com off easily, for a whole head of garlic crush and separate it into a bowl, cover it and shake hard for about 10 seconds then simply pick out the garlic cloves.

how to peel garlic easily and quickly 2017 2018 2019

3.Heat your oven 20 minutes before cooking:

so much great cooking depends on starting with a high enough heat, if a recipe calls for a hot pan put it on early so it gets smoking hot and always remember to pre-heat your oven at least 20 minutes before cooking.

heating pan before cooking on fire

4.Cooking in a small kitchen

a clean cook is an efficient cook, my tip for tiny cooking area is always have a waste bowl next to you, it will save you time back and forth to the bin.

small kitchen bin near you to cook fast

5.Don’t add salt to eggs before cooking them

never add salt to eggs before cooking them because it ruins the texture and Dolls the color, instead save your seasoning to the very end.

putting salt to eggs the right way

6.the key to cooking delicious meat Steaks

the key to cooking meat is to make sure it’s at room temperature before you begin if you cook it straight from the fridge the muscle fibers will be tight which results in tough meat. and always let it rest afterwards so let it relax and it will become tender and juicy also add salt to your meat steak before cooking because it draws a lot of moisture out of the top layer of the meat, this causes better crust and flavor and texture will be much better.

best meat steak cooking tip

Cooking great food doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on fancy equipment, get some basic essentials and you’ll be set in the kitchen, here is a list of  8 essential cooking utensils every chef need to have in their kitchen.

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