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Best Hair Dryer Buying Tips 2020

Best hair dryer choosing tips

Best Tips To Choose Your Hair Dryer 2020

today I thought because I uploaded my post on how I get myself a blowout it would be good to talk about the best hair dryer buying tips bu and what I’ve used and what I like and what I think you should look for in a hair dryer I get a lot of questions about various different hair tools and people wanting to know what I think and what I like and all that kind of stuff so I’m going to go ahead and tell you guys about the three hair dryers that I’ve use and I like.

but first I’m going to start off by talking a little bit about what I think it’s important to look for in a hair dryer of 2020 first of all i want to say that I think people kind of underestimate blow dryers often I think people  don’t take them seriously they’re like “it blows air on my hair I don’t really have to think about it too much” and I used to say that all the time too but then I started thinking about it and I was like you know I don’t flat iron my hair everyday I don’t curl my hair every day but I do blow-dry my hair pretty much every time I get out of the shower and I do it in a way that I think helps to keep my hair healthy but it is very easy to damage your hair with your hair dryer depending on how you’re doing it.

how to choose your hair drier 2020:

  1. first of all if you’re using a hair dryer that’s not really conducive to helping with your hair so these are some little tips and tricks that I think can help you to find the best hair dryer for your hair which is going to help keep your hair healthy.
  2. second recommend a hairdryer that’s either ceramic or ionic the reason why I like ceramic hair dryers is because the heating element in the hairdryer is actually ceramic so it produces a much more even heat and one that’s a little bit less damaging to your hair a lot of times with irons you get especially cheap irons you get like plastic and metal heating devices that cause really uneven heat and can actually really scorch your hair they’re also working by pretty much trying to dry all of the hair they’re doing it by using heat so it’s almost like boiling it off your hair shaft which is not good so that’s something that you want to avoid so thankfully a lot of the more budget hair dryers out there these days are ceramic so you can do that.
  3. the next thing you can look for in a dryer is one that’s ionic basically ionic hair dryers produce negative ions to help neutralize the hair now positive ions in the hair can cause two things first of all they can cause static we all know what that’s like and then second of all they can actually cause the cuticle layer to raise up now we’ve talked about this before hair is made up of three layers the outside layer is your cuticle layer and it’s like little shingles all laying around the second layer and so when it’s raised it causes frizz and it causes tangles in your hair but when it’s laid down it’s smooth and shiny so you want it laid down so that it’s smooth and shiny and doesn’t tangle as much and obviously we never love static in our hair so positive ions cause static frizz and frayed cuticles and negative helps to lay it down and help to smooth your hair down a little bit so you want the negative ones they also do help to remove the water from your hair without boiling it off it’s instead of removing heat it actually just kind of like pushes the water out of your hair so that’s a little bit better as well it’s not going to be as damaging to your hair.
  4. the next tip is a little bit more common you want to look for a dryer that has multiple heat and strength settings especially the multiple heat settings I really do recommend finding one that at least has a hot and cold or a hot and warm option because you really wants to be drawing your hair on the lowest possible heat setting because amping up that heat on your hair really doesn’t speed up the drying process all that much but it does really damage your hair don’t do it look for ones that have a lot of different options that are going to give you the ability to do that so you’re not always really really heating up your hair because that is quite damaging.
  5. the very last hair dryer buying tip and that one is my personal preference is to look for a dryer that has a more concentrated nozzle and what I mean by that is that the nozzle itself is actually really small and all the dryers that i use are like that because I can’t stand winds that aren’t like that basically what a smaller nozzle is going to do is it’s going to direct the air in a more focused manner so that it actually all the force of the air does end up on your hair now I think all of us have probably tried a dryer at some point in time that had either a wider nozzle or just wasn’t very focused or very strong and it just blew air everywhere like the dryers making a lot of noise but there’s only a tiny bit of air going on your hair and that is always driving me crazy I can never stand that in a hair dryer so if you look for one that has a more concentrated nozzle it’s going to help you out a little bit because all the force of that air is actually going to end up on your hair other than like everywhere around you and it’s a lot less like a hurricane so it is gonna end up making your hair just a little bit smoother at the end of the day.

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