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Cooking Gadgets you need for a new kitchen

cooking great food doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on fancy equipment, get some basic essentials and you’ll be set in the kitchen here’s my quick guide and Top 10 List to affordable cooking essentials you need to buy to be a better chef.

Continuing with the kitchen essentials list this time we mention a list of basic tools for any kitchen,


1. How to choose your Pans and pots:

you don’t need a collection of 10 saucepans, all you need is two, a medium sized one and a large one. small pans are great for sauces, heating liquids or rice whereas large pans give you space, they are perfect for pasta or when you’re cooking in bulk which keeps costs down.

whether your pan is made from copper to stainless steel time was right for you and you’ll always get a lead which helps heat the pan up as quickly as possible, the secret behind a great sauce pan is the heavier the bottom the more heat it will conduct, the thinner of the bottom the more charge you get actually burning the food, buy online the best sauce pan you can afford, take good care of them and they will last you years saving you money in the long run.


best kitchen best Pans and pots

2.how to choose your kitchen knives:

this is my quick guide to kitchen knives you need basically three knives: heavy-duty chopping knife followed by a small paring knife which is brilliant for prepping vegetables, you also need the serrated edge knife for carving and slicing, and basically that is it before you buy a knife hold it in your hand and make sure it feels right for you.

the secret behind a great set of knives is in the handle if you’re comfortable holding the handle you’re cutting so much easier, the firmer the grip the better the chopping the better made the handle the more control you have over the blade. with these three knives, you can’t go wrong.

affordable kitchen knives list

3.choosing a good Pestle and Mortar:

to get the most out of your spices there’s only one piece of kit that you need a pestle and mortar I mean they look fantastic and it’s essential for any good kitchen these things are so versatile these ancient kitchen tools are perfect for everything from pestos to dressings used to grind spices and will max out on flavor, helps get perfect textures and always be totally in control.

make sure you make a nice large movement around the circumference of the pestle  inside wall so you can grind away. the heavier the more durable they are the more confidence it gives you when you’re pounding and it’s almost a way of confirming homemade hand pounded, grab yourself a pestle and mortar and soon you’ll be spicing with ease.

good quality Pestle and Mortar 2017 2018


4.choosing a good frying pan:

frying pans are one of my favorites because it is so versatile whether you’re cooking duck breast, chicken or even a quick omelette, and anything else you could possible cook using your pan, look for an ovenproof frying pan with a metal handle if you want to cook like pros while you finish off your dish in the oven or under a hot grill just don’t forget when you take it out the handle will be hot.

if you can get a high-quality nonstick one with a thick heavy base which will distribute the heat evenly.

multi function frying pan 2017 2018

5.how to tell a good casserole dish from a bad one

casserole dish is absolutely essential when it comes to good home cooking why? because it’s so versatile, the beauty of this thing is the fact that you can actually use on the hob or start on the hob and finish in the oven, more importantly when it’s made of castings it conducts the heat so you can have the gas on absolute minimal or the oven down to its absolute lowest setting and then it will just cook naturally. casserole dishes are surprisingly versatile and a great investment, you only need one and if you could afford to buy  a nice one it will last you a lifetime.

casserole dish for multi use

6.Good Quality Chopping boards

chopping boards for brunch one of the most useful things is a great chopping board get the right one and it’ll be your friend for life along my experience of reviewing chopping cooking utensils  I prefer a sort of heavy duty one because they’re so much more durable they can be flipped over the minute you want to go from vegetables to prepping fish and meat always remember to keep a sheet underneath it to stops the board from sliding.

care for your wooden board by rubbing it with oil every so often “any cooking oil will do”.

wooden boards for me are always the best they’re easy to clean and long-lasting when you do wash a wooden board never let it stand in water or put it in the dishwasher as it may split, buy the best you can afford and take good care of it.

best Chopping wooden board 2017 2018 2019

7.Best graters and peelers:

when it comes to simple cooking there are two basic bits of kit are never without that will save you time and effort in the kitchen, a grater and a peeler. the silver peeler is absolutely incredible it is almost like a lifesaver in the kitchen because they’re so quick, so light, silver blade got so much more flexibility actually go around the vegetable and we call it a speed Peeler in a professional kitchen because it does literally absolutely rapidly peels your vegetables and have minimal waste.

peelers are great for everything from peeling vegs to slicing cheese and making charts of chocolate a good comfortable grip that will always work fast.

the box grater is another great versatile kitchen tool and with it’s multiple sides offering different size grating as well as blades for slicing it’s perfect for everything from pouring ginger and zesting lemons to shredding onions, be sure to get your cooking gadget a solid handle to hold it firm.

it’s got such volume inside so it doesn’t trash anything out so I always preferred grates into a tray or into a board so you don’t have to move it again, grating on the board you always gotta lift it up and place it in so place the grater into a bowl and grate.

best grater and peeler 2017 2018 2019

8.roasting trays & baking trays:

these two kitchen gadgets are too simple but speedy guaranteed to make your life in the kitchen easy these utensils are so versatile they are great for baking fish on, fantastic for baking breads and so cheap, a classic two handles roasting tray brilliant for roasting all birds finishing, sauces and gravies on top of the stove, over the gas burner which makes it again versatile. the more solid your trays are, the better. then they won’t buckle and they will last, you can buy these utensils for a cheap price and they are seriously essential.

best roasting trays & baking trays 2017 2018 2019



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