How To blow up your Airbed without a pump 2020

Airbed Inflate Without a pump

How To blow up your Airbed without a pump easily

today I’m going to show you a simple way to blow up your air bed if you haven’t got a pump and it doesn’t leave you out of breath.


start by laying your air bed up flat and open up the valve, this one has a one-way valve so you can leave it open while you inflate it next take a bin bag and fill it full of air, then you need to create a small opening in the top like it is showed in the picture.

put it over the nozzle on the air bed and squeeze out all of the air from the bag and into the bed. keep repeating the process then you’ll soon see it starting to inflate you should see a difference every time you squeeze a bag in pretty cool huh?

and if you can find a bigger bag you’ll inflator even faster when you’re done close the valve and there we have our fully inflated air bed pretty cool huh?

How To blow up your Airbed without a pump

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