Fun Experiment To Do With Your Kids at Home. Water & Pepper 2018

Fun Home Experiment To Do With Your Kids 2018

Fun Home Experiment To Do With Your Kids 2017

fun Experiment To Do With Your Kids at Home 2017 today I’m going to show you a really cool experiment with water and ground black pepper.

start by taking a plate, I like to use a white one. and pour on some water then take your pepper and sprinkle a bit all over the water like it is showed in the picture  you can see the pepper sits on the surface of the water and if you dip your finger tip in nothing really happens you might get some pepper stuck to your finger but that’s about it.

next take some washing-up liquid and wipe a tiny amount on the end of your finger then try dipping your finger into the water again, and you will notice the pepper seems to magically shoot away from your finger so here’s what’s happening:

the pepper sits on the water because of the high water surface tension the water molecules are strongly attracted together when we add a little soap we break down this surface tension and the top layer of water molecules very quickly spread out and carry the pepper with them and if you use less pepper they’re able to spread out even further, pretty cool huh?

simple Experiments To Do With Your Kids at home 2017

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