The Easiest way to Eat Chocolate 2018

How To to break a slab of chocolate into individual pieces so it lasts you longer

The Easiest way to Eat Chocolate 2017


today I’m going to show you a really quick and simple way to break up a slab of chocolate into individual pieces sometimes if you’re sharing chocolate with friends it’s all too easy to take a really big piece which is pretty unhealthy and before you know it the whole thing’s gone so here’s a really simple way to break the whole thing into individual pieces.

How To Cut chocolate easily before you eat it

we’re going to start with an unopened slab take a rolling pin and place it on the counter or table then run your chocolate over the top of the rolling pin like this whilst firmly pushing down with your hand to break it into strips turn it around 90 degrees and do the same again you can see it’s now all broken up inside the wrapper you can smooth it back out then open it up and there we have have to just eat it

how to cut chocolate easily 2017


A New Way to cut and eat chocolate

the other way you can do it which might be slightly quicker and is particularly useful if you haven’t got a rolling pin is by running the slab over the edge of the work surface like this you can see each row breaking then turn it around and do the same again this time I’m going to use a knife to open it up from the front and you can see it’s in beautiful individual pieces it’s perfect if you’re breaking up droplet for a recipe to melt in a bowl or if you’re sharing it with friends and trying to make it last a bit longer.

new way to cut and eat chocolate 2017 2018 2019 2020

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