Alternative Way To Open a Can in an Emergency 2020

How to Open a can without a can Opener in an Emergency

Open a Can without a can opener 2017

Today, I’m going to show you how you can open a can of food, Using a spoon. It might be useful if your can opener breaks, Or if you’re out and about some where and forgot to take one .

easy way to open a food can without a can opener

Grip the spoon nice and firmly, like it is showed in the picture . Then hold onto the can and start rubbing the spoon back and forward While pushing down, nice and hard, to make a groove. Keep going, and you should pierce a hole, right through the top

Then use the edge of the spoon to slowly cut all the way round the top. Keep going. And when you get round far enough, you can fold over the top. And get into the food. Pretty cool, huh?

alternative way to Open a Can in an Emergency 2017

Of course, opening a can like this, makes a sharp and jagged edge, so you do need to be careful. If you’re gonna try it, you do need to be cautious, and you might want to consider wearing safety’s gloves.


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