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The Quickest Way To Cut Banana 2020

The Fastest Way To Cut A Lot of bananas

the quickest way to cut banan fruit

the quickest way to cut a lot of bananas today I’m going to show you a really cool technique for slicing bananas and we’re going to be using a metal cooling rack.

How to cut bananas fruits really fast

we’ll start by placing the metal cooling rack on the top of a bowl then take your banana and carefully peel half of it we want to leave half the skin on then place it on top of the cooling rack and gently push it through from one end all the way up to the other.

if we look from underneath you can see what happens as we push it through the metal cooling rack neatly slices the banana and falls into The bowl this technique is really suitable if you need to slice a lot of bananas in one go it’s nice and quick it’s quite fun to do with children and it’s safer than using a knife.

if we push one through halfway we can take a close look of how the grill cuts into the banana to give us these nice even slices pretty cool huh?

Fast way to cut banana



if I carry on pushing you can watch as it cuts the fruit and falls into the bowl you wouldn’t really bother doing this for just one banana unless you were just trying it out but it is useful if you need to slice a lot all at one time ideal if you’re making a nice healthy breakfast for lots of people or maybe if you’re making a nice big fruit salad.

it also works well on other soft fruit like an avocado cut it in half and remove the stone place a cooling rack on a bowl this time I’m using one with square holes and mash it through perfect if you’re making guacamole.

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