How to Cut Tomatoes Like a Ninja 2020

Best Way To Cut Tomatoes Like Chef 2020

best way to cut tomatoes 2017

Best way to cu tomatoes Today I’m going to show you a quick and simple way to cut cherry tomatoes easily and quickly and without the risk of cutting your self in this year of 2018.

If you’re doing them one at a time with a knife, it can take a long time, sometimes the juice squirts out, and you’ve got to be careful not to cut your fingers.

so here’s a fun tip to make it a lot quicker, and safer too.

Start by taking your tomatoes, put them all on a plate, then take another plate, turn it upside down, and place it on top.

There should be a gap in between the plates like this.

Next take a sharp knife, hold the top plate in place, and carefully run the knife in between the plates, making sure to cut away from yourself.

Take the plate off and we’ve chopped everyone of the tomatoes nicely in half. Pretty cool huh!

How to Cut Tomatoes Like a Ninja 2017

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