How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand 2020


How To Draw A Perfect Circle with your free hands

How to draw a Circle using only your hand 2017 2018

draw a perfect circle using only your hands ,today I’m going to show you how to draw a perfect freehand circle easily.

Draw A Large Circle Freehand.

to draw a large circle we pivot the paper on the bony part of our wrist, put your hand on the paper and spin it underneath, make sure you’re holding your pen or pencil very firmly try not to move or shake it then gently lower it down onto the paper and carefully spin it all the way around just like it’s demonstrated in the picture and rotate the paper and there you have it perfectly painted circle pretty cool huh? you can check out the best shampoos list for men this year.

How to draw a Circle using only hands 2017 2018


Draw a medium sized circle freehand

to draw a medium-sized circle we’ll do exactly the same but we’ll pivot the page on one of our knuckles just like this and to do a smaller one will pivot around our finger.the result will surprise you and it’s not too bad for free hand circles!

How to draw a medium Circle using only hands 2017 2018

Draw a small sized circle freehand


I’m using a marker pen because it shows up better on my camera but it does leave you with these lighter and darker patches which you won’t get if you use a pencil or a ballpoint pen I found with some practice you can become surprisingly accurate with this technique it could be useful for students drawing a quick diagram or chart and maybe for artists drawing a quick sketch.

How to draw a small sized Circle using only hands 2017 2018


if you use it to challenge a friend to a quick freehand circle drawing competition I bet you win.

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