The Quickest Way To Cut Fruits For Fruit Salad 2020

How To Cut Fruits really quickly to make a fruit salad


How To Cut Fruits really quickly to make a fruit salad

best way to cut fruits quickly for a fruit salad today I’m going to show you how to prepare fruit really quickly to make a fruit salad.

1.Prepare melon for fruit salad

if you’re using a melon use a sharp knife to cut it into quarters and scrape out the seeds then slice your melon in both directions and use a big spoon to remove the fruit from the peel like this.

how to make a Quick Fruit Salad like a chef 2017


2.Prepare Mango for fruit salad

you can do a very similar thing with a mango take a sharp knife and cut along the side of the pit then slice the fruit into squares like this and use a spoon to remove the fruit from the skin.


Prepare mango for fruit salad 2017

3.Prepare Kiwi for fruit salad

if you want to add Kiwi you can cut off the top and bottom then use a small spoon to cut the fruit out of the skin like this slice it up and add it to your fruit salad.

how to Prepare Kiwi for fruit salad 2017

4.Prepare strawberries for fruit salad

when eating strawberries you can use a drinking straw to remove the stem push it in from underneath and it comes straight off slice them up and add them to your salad.

how to Prepare strawberries for fruit salad 2017


5.Prepare Grapes for fruit salad


if you’ve got lots of grapes you want to cut in half quickly you can spread them out on the back of a plate place another one on top and carefully use a sharp knife to slice through the middle all your grapes should now be cut neatly in half.

how to Prepare grapes for fruit salad 2017


6.Prepare Banana for fruit salad


if you’re using banana remove one half of the skin and chop the fruit while it’s still sat in the peel.

how to Prepare banana for fruit salad 2017


7.Prepare cherries for fruit salad


and finally if you want to add cherries take an empty glass bottle remove the cherry stem and sit it on top of the bottle then take a chopstick and push straight down through the middle of the fruit to remove the pit it should fire straight out of the bottom leaving you with the nice edible fruit. pretty cool huh? and there we have our finished fruit salad mix up and is ready for serving.

how to Prepare cherries for fruit salad 2017

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