Buy Willow Smart Breast Pump 2020|PLUS Hands On Review

Willow Smart Breast Pump review Willow Smart Breast Milk Pump Review + Where To Buy it

it’s not easy to be a working mother these days and wanting to take care of your breast milk which is not something you want to spend a lot of time worrying about. so there is a brand new product called Willow it’s a smart breastbone that takes a lot of that work out of it for you it have a motor in it that will mimic the sucking action of a child to basically get a milk out and store it in a bag that you can later put away in the freezer or transfer into a bottle 2018 breast pump reviews.

how does willow breast pump work:

we’re going to take it apart one to look at inside it and show you what is it made of , basically it opens into the pumping module which is the white part of the device and you can pull it apart, pull out the bag and the clear parts you lets you basically see how much milk you’ve already been able to extract and you can pull out the bag like I said to put away for later use.

Willow Smart Breast Pump buy online

willow breast pump Price:

now this device connects to an app on iOS first and Android compatibility will come later it’ll tell you how much milk you’ve gone on each device a pair of the willow will cost around 429 dollars.

willow breast pump Amazon Buy:

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Willow Smart Breast Pump Amazon

the willow breast milk pump is to be marketed this spring and can be sold on amazon on any time so you can always search amazon for willow breast pump to get the chance to preorder it , we have put the serhc link for you so you can get directly to the willow breast pump link.

Willow Smart Breast Pump buy amazon


How To Use willow breast pump:

when you’re ready to start pumping all you gotta do is press that play button at the top and the motor will start going you’re supposed to put it under your bra and over your clothes very discreet and because the modulus that’s inside your underwear your hands are free to go about doing whatever you need to do such as work on a computer prepare some meals and then whenever you’re done you can just take it out of your bra and put it aside.

willow breast pump energy source:

so depending on how often you’re doing this the battery can last up to a full day and your recommended to charge of once a day again ,again these costs around four hundred dollars and will be available in the spring it’s not easy to be a parent these days even with all the technology we have to help us out so it’s good to see devices like these take on some of that stress .


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  1. Sheryl Lindsay

    I purchased the Willow 2.0 pump for my daughter in law. It is malfunctioning and will not go into expression mode. We have contacted customer care daily for 2 weeks and are being told we cannot return it until she speaks with a coach to make sure she is doing everything correctly.
    I am very frustrated and disappointed in this company.
    It has been two weeks and we are having to buy another pump while we wait for Willow to decide if the equipment is defective or not.
    Do not buy this item.

  2. ryan

    The Willow was just SUCH a waste of our money. What they don’t tell you is that its overly heavy, and due to the weight, it constantly pulls your breasts down and always has to push them back up, which is very annoying.

    Another flaw is that when you take the bag out of the willow milk usually spills out, it doesn’t all get stored the way they say it does. The bags are a ripoff, if you open the device they could have very clearly created a permanent container to store the milk, but instead chose to use non-reusable bags that you will need to purchase from them for $0.50/bag. And each bag only holds 4 ounces, and mothers normally produce 20-30 ounces/day – do the math. So before you go spending $500 (willow) + $2-5/day (bags), think about this – there’s no refunds or satisfaction guarantee.

    They tell you there are no refunds because its a medical device and not sterile after being used. Here’s the thing, I work around sterilization every day, and I’ve taken the willow apart, and know for a fact that the device can go through sterilization no problem. They just want people to be stuck with the it, after they buy it and realize it wont perform as advertised. Think about that! At the end of the day we purchased a $30 manual pump from Target that was faster and allowed us to pump 2-3x more. With the willow we averaged 2 ounces per session, and with the manual pump we’re averagaing 4-5 ounces per session.

    Don’t waste your money, or at the very least try the $30 manual pump first, because I guarantee you’ll be disappointed with the Willow.

  3. LJS

    Do NOT sign up for the Willow Beta Program, and I would not recommend buying a Willow ever based on their horrible customer service and better value products being on the market. I ordered a Willow through the Beta program, and was promised that it would arrive within 5 days. Over two weeks later, and multiple phone calls to Willow customer service (including promises to send my pump via two-day mail, & later via overnight mail), I NEVER received it. A rep later claimed that I cancelled my order and had said that I no longer wanted a Willow pump. That was a complete lie. When I told the rep that, she said that she would review my prior recorded phone call with a manager, and never offered for me to re-purchase a pump. I do not believe that there ever was a Willow pump on hand to mail me. Based on Willow’s poor, dishonest service, I wouldn’t recommend Willow, especially considering the expense. My order total was $622.65, & I would have had to keep purchasing bags (50 cents each) so cost would continue to go up. If you had sticker shock with the $479.99 price, brace yourself for the true amount a person will end up spending to use a Willow Pump.

    I have four children and pumped with all of them (I am still pumping with my fourth). I have used both the Medela Freestyle and the Medela Symphony (I used the Medela Symphony with Freemie Collection Cups). I love the Freestyle. It is a great solution for being able to walk around hands-free since the pump is small and can clip to your pants. I tried the Symphony to see if I could collect more milk since it is a hospital-grade pump. However, I produced about the same amount milk with the Symphony as with the Freestyle, so no difference there for me. A pro to the Symphony – it was super quiet. A con to the Symphony – I could not walk around since I had to stay attached the large pump. As for the Freemie Collection Cups, they are a great solution if you want a wear-in-bra milk collector. And, unlike with Willow, the milk goes right into the cup, and you pour the milk from the cup right into a bottle or storage bag. So no need for 50 cent bags every time you use it like with the Willow!

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