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Buy Willow Smart Breast Pump 2017|PLUS Hands On Review

Willow Smart Breast Pump review Willow Smart Breast Milk Pump Review + Where To Buy it

it’s not easy to be a working mother these days and wanting to take care of your breast milk which is not something you want to spend a lot of time worrying about. so there is a brand new product called Willow it’s a smart breastbone that takes a lot of that work out of it for you it have a motor in it that will mimic the sucking action of a child to basically get a milk out and store it in a bag that you can later put away in the freezer or transfer into a bottle.

how does willow breast pump work:

we’re going to take it apart one to look at inside it and show you what is it made of , basically it opens into the pumping module which is the white part of the device and you can pull it apart, pull out the bag and the clear parts you lets you basically see how much milk you’ve already been able to extract and you can pull out the bag like I said to put away for later use.

Willow Smart Breast Pump buy online

willow breast pump Price:

now this device connects to an app on iOS first and Android compatibility will come later it’ll tell you how much milk you’ve gone on each device a pair of the willow will cost around 429 dollars.

willow breast pump Amazon Buy:

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Willow Smart Breast Pump Amazon

the willow breast milk pump is to be marketed this spring and can be sold on amazon on any time so you can always search amazon for willow breast pump to get the chance to preorder it , we have put the serhc link for you so you can get directly to the willow breast pump link.

Willow Smart Breast Pump buy amazon


How To Use willow breast pump:

when you’re ready to start pumping all you gotta do is press that play button at the top and the motor will start going you’re supposed to put it under your bra and over your clothes very discreet and because the modulus that’s inside your underwear your hands are free to go about doing whatever you need to do such as work on a computer prepare some meals and then whenever you’re done you can just take it out of your bra and put it aside.

willow breast pump energy source:

so depending on how often you’re doing this the battery can last up to a full day and your recommended to charge of once a day again ,again these costs around four hundred dollars and will be available in the spring it’s not easy to be a parent these days even with all the technology we have to help us out so it’s good to see devices like these take on some of that stress .


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