10 WORST Men Haircuts 2023|Avoid These Terrible HairStyles

the trump vs the bieber WORST Men's Haircuts

Top 10 haircuts For men in 2023

today we’re going to have a little fun I’m gonna go over ten men’s hairstyles that in my are horrible here are the hairstyles that when you see you just think oh my god I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would do that but they do I need your help and I want you to vote on that the hairstyle one through ten that I go over that you think is the absolute hands-down worst hairstyle than any dude in the history of dudes could wear on his head your votes will be totaled and tallied and the winner AKA loser will be announced in a follow-up post gentlemen without any further ado let’s talk terrible dues please note these hairstyles are in no specific order they all suck I know some of you are nervousness that would call out your best hairstyle or your friend’s hairstyle, keep reading to find out the top 10 word haircuts in all times.

1. the aging rocker haircut

number one hairstyle is the aging rocker aging rock star hairstyle is a little bit longer usually it’s a little bit tease little spiky sometimes it’s highlighted but not to be confused with number two which is the mole

the aging rocker haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

2. The Mullet haircut

it’s all right now first glance you think the same hairstyle and they’re not here’s the subtle difference the aging rock star has longer bangs usually come down sometimes tease spike even the moment however from the front looks like a perfectly respectable short hairstyle it’s when he turns around that you catch a glimpse of the flowing amazingness that is the moment!

The Mullet haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

3. The Coach Cut haircut

the third terrible hairstyle is the coach cut aka the super short military flattop the only time I really ever seen a flattop and thought wow that looks amazing is actually the Russian in Rocky III he replied top at work but whenever a guy gets a super short flat top you have the tendency to see the scalp and head skin.

The Coach Cut haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

4. The Comb Over haircut

no terrible hairstylist list would be complete without number four the comb-over, fact: hair loss sucks but the reality is that it will happen to some degree to the majority of men out there in the world the worst thing you can do is to try and hide it or camouflage it by growing strategically long pieces coming over like an ice-cream corn.

The Comb Over haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

5. The Parted Behind-the-Ear Tuck haircut

now the fifth style I’m gonna get some heat for and it is the parted behind-the-ear tuck, I get it you’re growing your hair out you don’t want it all in your face what do you do? I would personally pull it back and tie it with a tie or something like that I think that looks a whole hell of a lot better than to part it down the center.

The Parted Behind-the-Ear Tuck haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

6. The Blow Out haircut

the sixth horrible hairstyle is the blowout, can it get any worse than the hair cuts you have already seen? quite possibly.

The Blow Out haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

7. The Frosted Spike haircut

frost those tips and you’ve got number seven the frosted spike I’m off for playing around throwing some highlights lowlights whatever but just the combination of blowout frosting tips blonde terrible.

The Frosted Spike haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

8. White Guy with Dread Locks haircut

I’m also gonna get a little heat for number eight which is a white guy with dreadlocks before you get all pissed off, there are some guys that I’ve seen with dreadlocks that are white dudes that look good but generally speaking every dude I’ve ever seen trying to grow dreadlocks that is a white dude it just makes you look super 30 and your hair is a matted mess of nastiness, black dudes look incredible.

White Guy with Dread Locks haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

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9. The Bieber haircut

number nine you knew it was coming .. the Bieber this haircut drives me absolutely insane every young kid I see that has this style I just want to grab him and push his hair out off his head.

The Bieber haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

10. The Trump haircut

The Trump hair really is something: it’s orange and matted looking on the sides, and now white/silver, wispy, swept-back, defying the laws of physics and practicality, on top.

Sure, his arrogant, belittling, and aggressive personality was on point, but the subtle glow that typically surrounds his head has given him the 10’th position on our list.

 the trump haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

11. Long and greasy haircut

and last but certainly not least in the 10 horrible hairstyles is anything long and greasy look long hair on guys is right it’s got to be right but when it’s greasy it’s a hundred percent wrong.

long and greasy haircut WORST Men's Haircuts

Make sure you let us know down in the comments which one of these 10 terrible hairstyles is the worst in your opinion we will name the worst hairstyle of all time in the history of hairstyles in a coming post also if you have a friend or you know someone who has one of this haircuts make sure you let them know and tell us if it looks amazing on them.

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  1. Edmund Bukkake

    actually the son of the guy in number 2 successfully sued a popular and anonymous twitter user for using his dad’s photo without permission so that the twitter guy had to switch to a drawing of the same guy. I’d advise you to remove that photo honestly. https://twitter.com/taci_kalkavan

  2. brad

    wow one of my friends has one of these hair cuts LMAO im sharing this with him

  3. Chris Santamaria

    luckily im not on the list lol

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