5 Best Shoes To Wear With Jeans 2020 List

best shoes to wear with jeans 2017 2018 2019 2020

Top Shoes That Fits With Jeans Pants 2020 List

today I’ll be going over my top five sneakers to wear with jeans right now im going to be showing you my best shoes to wear with jeans pants this year based on new shoes trends in the united states so let’s get into it but befor we do make sure you take a look at This post which contains a list with the best shampoos for men this year.

1.Nike Air jordan 1 Shoes 2020 Kanye

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Nike Jordan 1 shoes

so for number one we got Jordan number one AKA the ones ,so just like the Jordan threes I couldn’t go with just one color way I had to go with the Royals and the bread probably not just my favorite probably everyone’s go-to sneaker to wear with jeans right now I don’t know Kanye had something to do with that maybe he did maybe he didn’t he probably did but either way they deserve the number one spot for Jordan ones have a silhouette that it’s clean not too bulky so they look just right with jeans other popular colorways include Baron ones ,shadow ones, Chicago ones, celtics, fragment one,and a bunch more so for the number 1 spot on the list how to go with Jordan once.

best shoes to wear with jeans 2017 2018 2019 2020 nike jordan 1shoes

2.Nike Jordan threes Retro Shoes

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Nike RetrJordanan 3 shoes

our number two on the list we got Jordan threes I had to go with two colorways on this one the black cement threes and then the white cement Thees both extremely versatile colorways as you can see by the bottom of the shoe i would say jordan three black cements are one of the rare shoes that you can wear a lot and still look good and as you can see from looking at the shoes the paint is chipping there’s some creases you know there’s a little bit of scuff marks so they definitely pull off that vintage look when you wear with jeans.

as we listed before the best shoes to wear with shorts so for the white colorway this is when you want to be a little bit more flashy you got the nike air on the back you got a little bit of red showing just enough kind of like the Jordan fours you got something thats not too flashy but not too subtle as well just right in the middle so number two on the list jordan threes

best shoes to wear with jeans 2017 2018 2019 2020 nike jordan 3 retro shoes

3.Nike Foamposite shoes 2020

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Nike Foamposite shoes

number three on the list foamposites probably the sneaker on the list a lot of people don’t like fun process with jeans but I like the look like i said about performance basketball shoes on the west coast a lot of people do not wear phones with jeans but on the East Coast and the DMV there’s common is wearing a pair of vans or trucks and this pair specifically is mimicking the style and look of a timberland boots we’ve got the same caterpillar laces you got the same nubuck suede and you even got the dark brown leather in the back so unlike the best shoes to wear with joggers I like this color with jeans because some of the other color ways in foamposites can be a little flashy sometimes so with this one you’re getting the look of a boot with the feel of a performance basketball shoes other popular colorways include puters galaxies bolts red metallics Royals and a bunch more so number three on the list foamposites

best shoes to wear with jeans 2017 2018 2019 2020 nike foamposite

4.nike LeBron 12 shoes 2020

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Nike Lebron 12 shoes to wear with jeans

number four on the list sure you probably wouldn’t expect LeBron 12 so it has some unique colorways one colorway is actually the night the air mag and the nike air yeezy 2 you got the glow in the dark bottom you’ve got the gold spectacles you have the red sock liner just like the yeezy tunes so a lot of people don’t wear performance bass shoes with jeans on the west coast but on the east coast is pretty common so for the 4 spot LeBron 12

best shoes to wear with jeans 2017 2018 2019 2020 kebrone 12 nike

5. jordan retro 4 columbia Shoes 2020

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Jordan 4 retro jeans shoes

starting up the list we have the jordan 4 retro so what I really like about these is a tumbled leather quality is crazy with jordan brandy with these is actually raise the price a little bit and call them the remastered version which meant the quality was a little bit higher than your usual jordan retro I like them as a casual sneaker to wear something not too flashy but not too subtle,a pair of kicks you can wear every day so number five on the spot goes through the jordan 4 retro specifically though the Columbia

best shoes to wear with jeans 2017 2018 2019 2020

this was my top 5 shoes to wear with jeans this year let me know in the comments below what you think the top five sneakers are to wear with jeans so all the pictures that I took I’ve actually uploaded to this post so you can check them out and also share this list with your friends.

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