Best Affordable Nike shoes For Basketball 2018|Paul George PG1

nike PG1 shoes 2017 2018

 Cheap Nike shoes For Playing Basketball 2018 2019

today we are going to be doing a review on the NIKE PG1  and ultimately answering the questions are these the best portable shoes out right now y’all ready! let’s get into it.

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Nike PG1 Basketball shoe buy online

nike PG1 buy cheap online 2017 2018

Nike PG1 Price:

we’re looking at the Nike PG1 which is Paul George’s first signature sneaker and very important to mention they come with a 110 dollar price tag which is very affordable compared to a lot of speakers on the market right now and with a 110$ price tag you are going to be getting some advanced technology from Nike not the newest stuff that they have to offer but it does incorporate a lot of my favorite features into a speaker so i gotta say very solid for this price range.

Nike PG1 Shoes with forefoot strap:

first thing you might notice is the forefoot strap right here which was actually Paul George’s idea and request when he was letting Nike Shoe designers know exactly what he was looking for the lock down feel provided by the strap was a must!

at first in the year 2018 when i went to buy this shoe i thought it might be just all for looks but I gotta say in this review the nike flywire right here is incorporated into the construction of the shoe and that means the more you press on to the shoe is going to lock down that hole portion of your foot so i got shot up to the nike for making the strap pretty effective because it does work.

nike PG1 strap for forefoot 2017 2018

Nike PG1 strap Remove (Cut):

and if you don’t really like the forefoot strap and it is something that you can’t really get used to what you can do is actually cut it up where the Flywire part is, wouldn’t really recommend it kinda looks a little plane in my opinion looks better with the straps but it is an option and it will be interesting to see if people actually cut off the strap.

Nike PG1 Shoe is best for Playing Basketball:

so we got the strap we also got the suede upper right here we also got a translucent sole and one thing I gotta shot out to Nike for is actually putting the zoom air unit in the forefoot in the game of basketball you are going to be putting a lot of pressure in the forefoot area so it only makes sense of the dual air unit bouncy technology is in the front of the shoe where you need it the most so nike if you are watching please continue this no more zoom in the heel only in the forefoot thank you.

nike Paul George Basketball shoe 2017 2018

Nike PG1 Size Review:

as far as fitting goes they do run very tight and snug this is actually something PG requested in the sneaker and they do have an inner soft like design right here not it’s hard to get on as the katies – see also 5 best shoes for joggers but as far as overall sizing goes i would recommend you go true size or maybe even a half size up.


Trying The Nike PG1 Shoe in 2018:

so overall I gotta answer the question are these the best affordable Hoop shoots out right now and my answer is: for sure! definitely a solid sneaker I’ve get to play a lot of basketball in them but from what I have seen you are going to get your bank for your buck.


How Does Wearing Nike PG1 Feel like?

these shoes feel o comfortable aesthetically in this year of 2018 I gotta say they are one of the best-looking speakers to come out in a while and I can’t wait to see what other color ways they end up rolling out with and hopefully the interviewing the ID option on it’ll be pretty dope.

nike PG1 shoes 2017 2018

The Best Affordable Nike shoes Buy online:

alright guys thank you checking out the Nike PG1 review so far we have seen the 2K colorway which was very rare and hard to get

nike PG1 2K Colorway 2017 2018

we all got this preheat colorway right here which was a quick-strike kinda limited but in march, we do have the baked colorway coming out which will be mass produced to the public.


nike Paul George PG 1 preheat colorway 2017 2018

please leave down in the comments below what you guys think the Nike PG1’s ,do you think they are the best affordable hoop shoes out right now on the market and that’s pretty much it and in the next review we will be talking about another amazing Nike shoe so make sure you come back and check it out also don’t forget to check out the shoe on amazon if you like to buy it online or like to read the reviews from other people who tried it on amazon if you enjoyed this review please share it with your friends to encourage me to write more.


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