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today we will be reviewing the ikea FRIHETEN sectional Sofa Bed which is one of the most affordable sofas that delivers such a good quality and comfort and in the end we will put a list of the best sofas in the united states to buy for your living room.
Friheten Sofa Bed is an extremely popular choice and i use a sofa for my home and while I feel it’s a great unit and provide a great value there are definitely a couple things you should know about it before you go and buy one for yourself.

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Sofa Bed with storage:

let’s start with the basics of the sofa the design incorporates a Shay’s unit that can be configured in either the left or right side during assembly and also pops open for additional storage which is pretty convenient.

sofa bed with storage 2017 2018 2019

convertible sofa bed:

the other key feature with the sofa is the built-in ottoman that quickly converts from a conventional sofa to a sofa bed or you just somewhere to kick up your feet while watching TV.

Fabric & Leather sofa:

the sofa comes in a variety of different fabrics and a leather option but the color i got in this review is the dark grey version the unit comes with three pillows that are also removable covers but they aren’t washable while the covers for the rest of the sofa are not replaceable the fabric is staple gun to the wood frame so you can remove the fabric to clean the unit I haven’t had any issues with making a mess or staining myself yet but if this is something you’re worried about there are some third-party slipcover options that you can buy for the sofa.


The comfort of the Sofa:

next let’s talk about the comfort of the sofa I really like firm bed mattresses so I find the sofa quite comfortable for sleeping on and have no trouble falling asleep on it the sitting experience on the sofa is a little different especially once you’ve broken in the cushion of bit i myself am NOT a very heavy person but the Saigon the sofa is quite deep one sitting fresh out of the box experience was nice and firm but over time it softened up quite a bit and now you can feel the difference between my ottoman which is still very new and firm versus the rest of the sofa the units at ikea will have been used quite a lot so the better reflect the final comfort of the sofa but just don’t be surprised by how firm it is out of the box.

best sofa to watch tv and sleep on

Cushion of the sofa:

continuing on with comfort let’s look at the frame of the sofa so the foam cushion on top of the sofas held up by a wood frame and a thick wire gauge suspending the middle this means that the center of the sofa will inherently be a little softer and sag more than the sides but this also means that the edges of the sofa where it’s just foam on when are hard and can be uncomfortable because you can feel the wood frame depending on how heavy you are you may even feel the wood frame while sleeping so be sure to try out the spot on the sofa when you try out ikea.

Sofa fabric may wrinkle but it can easily be fixed:

the last couple things are minor and really it’s just me nitpicking the fabric on the sofa starts to wrinkle from being loose but a quick sweet makes it go away the bills will also the form after usage but you can massage them back into shape to look like new.



overall I love the versatility of the sofa and the overall design is very clever on how you convert it to a sofa bed while there are a couple little quirks that i highlighted about the sofa I haven’t been able to find anything else to buy that’s comparable in terms of price comfort and versatility so it’s definitely staying here for years to come but what do you think about the ikea Friheten sofa bed? do you like it? hate it or just leave a comment below. if this review was helpful to you please share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe and check out the rest of my reviews and top ten lists on this website.


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