Altra Torin 3.5 jogging shoes Likes & Dislikes 2019


Altra Torin 3.5 built ,durability. Cost compared to competitors



Altra Torin 3.5 jogging shoes 2018

All You Need To Know About the altra orin 3.5

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Altra torin 3.5

it’s been a few months since I’ve reviewed a shoe from this manufacturer but this shoe has been a go-to for me for the last few months I thought no better time than now to tell you all about the Altra torin 3.5


okay first things first as always Altra zero drop wide toe box foot shaped design you’re getting what you know and love in the torin 3.5 but the new Torin has a bit of a trick up its sleeves you less of a trick and more of another version why a mesh upper and a knit upper both utilize the same ultralight evm Itzel with a bound layer same outsole similar mid foot tightening system to really wear these shoes differ is in the uppers comfort the stretch the layering the look and the feel talking about the torrent in general it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve reviewed a torrent I believe the last review I did was a version 1.5 I skipped to 2.5 and 3 mainly because I had some durability issues and it seemed too much different than the version that I had already reviewed these shoes however are tickling my fancy and I knew I wanted to get a review out there so I can tell you all about the shoe so in today’s review all obviously talk about the things I like and dislike about the torin 3.5 I will also tell you which of the two I prefer (the one with the mesh uppers & the one with the knit)

altra torin 3.5 shoes 2018

let’s dive into it as always starting with things that I liked about the Altra torin 3.5

the new 3.5 for some reason has more life it feels better on the roads I get more joy out of the shoes more miles and that’s a good thing certainly enjoying all of my long runs in these shoes.

the altra torin 3.5 has two removable insoles ,a thicker and a thinner one.

Altra torin 3.5 shoe uppers:

the uppers are great, the durability of the uppers is even better.

Altra torin 3.5 shoe midfoot fit:

and finally fit I have had my fair share of fitment issues in Altras I love that wide toe box that foot shape is fantastic that’s one of the major selling points of alters and why I’m really drawn to them but that roomy toe box leads to a miss fitting mid foot and an all-around sloppy heel in most of the Altras the fit of the new torin 3.5 is dialed in through that mid foot they’re using a really cool suspension system there through that mid foot mesh very similar to sake knees Pro lock or Brooks’s nab and it’s essentially fabric and materials that are connecting the laces to the base of the shoe giving you a solid fit over the mid foot feels new and it’s nice to have that mid foot locked into the shoe I will say that the fit is not perfect in the Torin 3.5 I’ll get to why here in just a second but overall a welcome and great improvement.


alright so let’s talk about some of the things that are bugging me right now things I dislike about the altra torin 3.5.

1.Altra Torin 3.5 shoe Fit:

starting with fit yes I mentioned the mid foot is fantastic the forefoot of course is great but as with many Altras especially the more cushioned altras the ankle and heel areas fit a lot like a ski shoe this has been an issue for me for years I just cannot get the ankles to really fit well not all their shoes suffer from this a lot of they’re more minimal or reduced running shoes tend to have a more aerodynamic well fitting heel and ankle area it’s the thicker more cushioned models that have all that extra padding all that extra weight and fabric that just drives my ankle and heel crazy it’s a bit clumsy.

2.Altra Torin 3.5 shoe Durability:

yes both uppers are holding up really well but it’s the midsole that I’ve had an issue with the a bound and EBA materials tend to flatten out fairly prematurely I’ve noticed this with lone Peaks and other Altras right out of the box they feel great you get a lot of bounce you get some life in the shoe but as soon as you start putting 60 70 80 maybe 100 miles into the shoe that midsole just breaks down where a lot of your use wear and weight is located and unfortunately I can beginning to fill it already in the Torin 3.5 I will say the Altras with the ego missile material which I was a fan of in the escalante are still holding up quite well the new paradigm is utilizing it I wish it would transition into these shoes as well right now the altralight ev1 just losing the light.

3.why Altra Torin 3.5 shoe has two uppers?

and finally why two uppers I wouldn’t necessarily consider the Torin a casual wear shoe which I think that this knit upper is more geared towards the mesh upper is more of a race day sort of grab but for me I would just always choose the mesh from a marketing perspective I think it adds a bit of confusion the knit upper is heavier it’s denser it’s warmer though it is a bit comfier the mesh is almost an ounce lighter more breathable in my opinion better looking and cheaper so comes down to why make two different versions of the same shoe the knit Torin isn’t necessarily the one I’m grabbing the mesh I’m leaning towards the mesh only because it’s lighter it’s more affordable I think it’s better looking holding up pretty well too.


what we think about the altra torin 3.5

altra torin 3.5 Build Quality:

build quality I think it’s great I think the midsole is the only thing that’s really suffering here the uppers are improved I would lean towards the mesh comfort wise it’s great initially right out of the box you’re gonna notice a lot of life out of the shoes you’re gonna have a lot of fun running on roads but again the midsole breaks down a little bit it’s gonna be a bit of a harsher ride you’re gonna lose some of that bounce prematurely regardless you’re still getting a comfortable shoe

2:altra torin 3.5 fit , how it feels in the toe box?

fit better than previous versions the mid foot fits way better the ankle and heels if you’ve had problems with alters in the past these may continue with that same line but they are improved and I’m happy about that.

Altra Torin 3.5 shoe price:

price one hundred and twenty five dollars versus one hundred and thirty five dollars oh the mesh again cheaper, lighter, better.

Altra Torin 3.5 shoe look:

and finally looks I again prefer the one with the mesh I think it’s really aerodynamic design it’s fun the colors are kind of cool the knit is fine it looks fancy but as far as overall look at design I’m still leaning towards the mesh

Altra Torin 3.5 shoe it is a buy,try of a why?

and finally is the Torin 3.58 by try or a why it’s a solid try borderline buy I’d say if you’re used to Altras if you’ve run in alters before you’re gonna enjoy the new Torin 3.5 it could definitely be a buy for you if you’re looking for a road shoot to go long and just kind of plot along at your casual pace definitely worth the try so I’m gonna give it a solid try and that my friends is it for my review of the altra torin 3.5


so that brings me to my final question have you run in the Altra Torin 3.5 or previous versions what do you think of them in the comments below let me know and I’m curious if it is a shoe that you have or are willing to try and of course if you have more questions about the Torin you want to buy a pair for yourself I have put the links in the post if you enjoyed this review you can share it with your friends so they enjoy it too.


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