10 Ways To Look RICH..Even If You’re NOT!

Ten Stylish Ways to {Look Expensive} Even If You’re Broke

I have met some super crazy rich dudes who look incredibly cheap and when I found out they had that much money I was surprised ,but on the flip side I’ve met some dudes who don’t have a lot of money that looks like a million bucks and the truth is the difference between looking high-end and low-end really boils down to some small subtle differences.

I don’t care how much money you have the fact is you’re gonna look super luxe. and so today I’m going over ten stylish ways to look expensive even if you’re broke.

1.Choose QUALITY over quantity!

the first way to look rich even if you’re not is focus on the fabric you’r wearing, avoid cheap fabrics I’m talking about cheap suits, cheap shirts,these clothes look cheap because it hangs and falls differently on your body.

nicer fabric is gonna be thinner it’s going to hang and drape on your body better making you look more amazing, now one of the downsides to wearing nicer fabric is that it is more expensive, the solution is to go half and what I mean by that is buy half as many items as you normally would but spend twice as much on the individual item.

meaning instead of buying two pairs of jeans that each cost $30 buy one pair of $60 jeans that are higher quality.

2. buy a bit more expensive sneakers

second way to look rich is to upgrade your sneakers there’s nothing wrong with a casual pair of great sneakers but in my opinion you can definitely look “a little bit more high-end” if you upgrade those casual sneaks to something that’s leather – i mean if you had 89 bucks sneakers from the Republic you can switch them with 200$ sneakers from suitsupply,either way the leather sneakers will look a lot more high end.

when I see a guy and he’s rocking a pair of leather sneakers it’s a psychological thing to automatically think that he’s a little bit upper-class a little bit more high-end and ‘put together’ than somebody else who is just rocking casual kicks.

3.Wear a watch

the third way to look rich even if you’re not is to wear a watch. it is in my opinion there is no easier way to elevate your style elevate your class and your look like wearing an incredible try a gold presidential looking watch that is not going to break the bank but it still sends the same psychological message that you are reliable responsible and super sexy.

you can also try a black watch on a metal mesh strap which in my opinion is super freakin sick.

grab a watch today and start looking more stylish and rich tomorrow!

4.stop wearing brand names

the fourth way to look rich is stop wearing brand names so hear me up I know that a lot of you guys out there that are really into brands,it’s like if I’m not wearing the logo how will anybody know that I could afford to spend that much money on a t-shirt or whatever you’re wearing.

my personal opinion brand names don’t mean anything in terms of making you look more expensive or more prestigious now I know that that’s kind of counterintuitive but I know that there’s a lot of fake merchandise out there, there’s also a trend of people spending way too much money on super expensive brand-name items that can’t afford to put gas in their car.

so I think somebody looks higher-end when they wear something that is clean and classic fits them like a glove and the fabric is amazing as opposed to wearing a logo like supreme or something like crazy across their chest.

5.get a better bag

i know most of you would rather have a $5 bag with $100 in it. than a $100 bag with only $5 in it

number five! get a better bag ,Now before you start freaking out the fact is I like backpacks I think they’re functional I think that if you’re carrying something far you need to definitely distribute the weight but if you’re looking to look a little more luxe and high-end a little richer a lot of our computer bag is a great way to take your look to the next level in terms of looking more professional a little bit higher and you can find them for like a hundred bucks two hundred dollars and the beautiful thing the more you beat it up the more like rough and rugged it looks the better and more stylish it becomes -a big leather backpack will be a really good choice.

6.get a leather jacket

number six leather jacket in my opinion a leather jacket automatically takes you to a whole different level a leather jacket just makes you look a little bit more high-end the other thing is that it’s a great piece to layer with and so you can incorporate other items like a t-shirt and layering is one of those things that also in my opinion makes you look more luxe the downside is that leather jackets aren’t cheap they’re gonna cost you a few hundred dollars depending on where you go to actually buy it but you can always find them on sale at the end of season.

my suggestions is you can try eBay I have seen some incredible deals on some beautiful leather jackets on eBay so if you’re in the market there are definitely more affordable ways to go find a sweet-ass leather jacket.

7.Wear Glasses

number seven glasses are in my opinion one of the easiest things that you can add or accessorize with that is going to set yourself apart from everybody else and that cool pair of frames definitely makes you look more high-end in looks than just some average kind of crappy pair.

and the beautiful thing is that they don’t have to break the bank you can try something from “glasses USA” they cost like $50 you can get glasses with shades in my opinion club masters or the style of club masters glasses with some shades they are a pair of sunglasses that make the wearer look super successful and professional they’re dynamite they look great on everybody and they will make you look super rich even if you’re broke

8.choose where to buy your clothes

Wearing nice clothes from H&M or Zara is a great way to look rich without breaking the bank ,You’re right. H&Ms clearance section actually has some good “non hipstery college” type clothing. Was actually impressed after leaving that store with some good button up shirts and pants.

9.take care of your skin

The best way to do that is to WEAR TIEGE HANLEY  Using Tiege Hanley will make you look rich and handsome!

10.The goal is not to look rich, it’s to be RICH right!

you don’t have to be rich to be happy in this world ,famous actor Jim Carry said”I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer” Jim Carrey means that everyone chases money, wealth, success and fame, thinking it will bring them happiness. Once they attain it, the person sits there and thinks “That’s it? That’s what all the hype was about? I don’t feel happy. I don’t feel fulfilled. I don’t feel anything.”Then, most people start to enter a degressive stage, where they falter from the position they had once attained and start crumbling down. What we most commonly see is when celebrities turn to drugs and other paraphernalia.

in this post we listed ten stylish hacks to look expensive even if you’re broke. if you enjoyed this please share it with your friends so they enjoy it too.

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