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5 Tips to be awesome in 2019 despite how you look

 5 Best Ways to be cool with people 2019

5 Tips to be awesome in 2019 despite how you look
5 Tips to be awesome in 2019 despite how you look

i’ve wrote a lot of content about looking good right how to look good whether or not it’s your body whether or not it’s your hair or your style personally I think that taking pride in your appearance and liking what you see looking back at you and the mirrors is is a good thing it’s not bad it’s not you know egotistical if not self-centered it means that you you value your appearance and the way that you present yourself to the outside world the other reality is that in this world we’re judged by our looks and in today’s world with social media and Instagram and everybody looking so sexy all the time I think that it’s going to get worse versus better but today I’m one of the sort of just like lay it out there that you know I know that I talk a lot I know that there’s a lot of content about looking good but at the end of the day there are five things that are much much much more important than the way that you look because if you focus only solely on developing the aesthetics or making a lot of money so you can buy fancy cars and all that you’re gonna miss out on so much of the beauty of life and and your potential for one is self-esteem how do you feel about yourself all right about your own ability about your confidence do you respect the person you are I look around and I see all these people doing incredibly self-destructive things that I think to myself I’m like wait a second what’s going on here because if they respected who they are if they believed in themselves they wouldn’t be doing this they wouldn’t be taking the risks or putting themselves in danger either believe in yourself the fact that you can do anything anything that you want to do in this world and you can achieve it you’ve just got to work hard and know that at the end of the day you’re awesome number two is your character the type of man that you are your moral compass the way that you treat other people and the way that you command respect for yourself the end of the day you can take away your looks you can take away your money you can take away those six-pack abs what is the and quality of your character what type of person are you beautiful thing is that your character is something you can develop it’s something that you can work on right you might not be the most honorable moral person right now but that doesn’t mean that the person you are right now is where you’re going to be you just got to change you’ve got to make the decision that it means something for you to be a good person and at the end of the day huh I don’t really know what’s more important than that because – the third thing that has so much more important than looks or money how you treat other people you kind are you generous are you helpful right how do you treat other people this includes your friends this includes your family members this includes strangers I read some of these comments on my posts on other people’s posts and I’m it makes me sad it makes me sad how we’ve decided to treat other people and regardless of if you’re anonymous and you can leave it a hateful comment or say something that’s just horrible it’s disgusting and I choose to think that it’s because these people are dealing with something right they’re unhappy with who they are where they are in life and this is an outlet for them to feel a little bit or momentarily better about themselves because the alternative is that these people are truly just horrible disgusting people this isn’t a plea not to have negative comments put up my posts like this is best10for.com of course I know what the deal is I’m just saying think about it right because whether or not you think that these are anonymous comments you know the Creator the people that are just you know writing a post they’re reading these comments and and I don’t care how long you do this you never develop skin thick enough that it doesn’t bother you or you don’t internalize it and it really it hurts just food for thought I’ve just been thinking a lot obviously about about really what matters the fourth thing that’s more important than money or looks is the ability to forgive other people and forgive yourself for failures and to not harbor resentment and and hate and just you know the crappy things that have happened you because here’s the deal every single one of us have had bad things happen but it’s the people that harbor the resentment in that onto it that never truly live and aren’t able to get out of their own way if you’re able to forgive I forget who said it but somebody said forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself I’ve had some shitty things happen to me but you know what I choose to be happy and if I harbor and hold on to anger and resentment and and just the negativity it doesn’t do me any good it prevents me from moving forward in life but it’s hard it’s so hard and it’s painful right because because in order to forgive somebody or to let things go you’ve got to deal with them right you can sweep them under the rug but at some point you got to face it and it doesn’t matter how good-looking you are how much money you have if you’ve got hate anger resentment and you’re holding on to all of this you’re gonna be miserable and at the end of the day you know I truly feel like life is about happiness and I think we’re all here just to figure out what that means for us and if you can find it god bless you because you’re lucky a lot of people don’t and last but certainly not least the fifth thing that is much more important than your looks how much money you have or any of the superficial things is your relationships and your friendships I can’t tell you how much you need to be around people that you love and toxic people toxic energy you need to remove yourself now unfortunately some of the most toxic people in our lives are people we can’t get away from but you can limit the amount of time you spend with them you can limit the amount that you talk to them surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself the main financial conference 2019 I’m just gonna plug it real quick friendships that you’re going to build the people that you’re gonna meet it in today’s world it’s hard to meet people it’s hard to meet good people and that’s the thing that’s so special I mean at this conference I cry like by the end of it I am like just an emotional like wreck because of how just it’s powerful and it truly has changed my life and I know that it’ll change yours February 22nd 23rd this link down below to go get the details we’re also selling live streaming if you can’t be there you can always you can always grab a ticket and watch it but there’s nothing like like meeting and shaking hands you have to meet me Antonio Tien everybody you guys probably follow online um it’s it’s special and and the thing that’s so incredible about it is just the friendships and so just thrown it out there because the relationships that we have it’s what life’s about me and it’s about happiness it’s about confidence it’s about relationships I just think you’re amazing and I’m proud of you I am honored that you hang out with me on this channel and I just want you to know that that I’m in your corner and I’m rooting for you and I don’t want you to be down on yourself because you don’t have something or you don’t look a certain way at the end of the day it’s about who you are as a person it’s character it’s self-esteem it’s the way that you treat people it’s your relationships and friendships at the end of the day that’s what’s really important you know the fact that you look super sexy that’s just a bonus but guys I love you and I just think you’re awesome you can do anything so don’t forget that and I don’t know I just I just wanted you to know bye

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