Read This Before Considering to get a 5G Enabled Phone in 2019

The Problems With 5G Enabled Phones in 2019

problem with 5g enabled phones
problem with 5g enabled phones

with 2019 rolling in we’re gonna start to see a lot of advertisements for 5g enabled smartphones and the benefits of the 5g network and the reality is a properly rolled out..5g network is great you get super fast internet speed you get lower latency you get the ability to connect a lot more devices to that superfast internet but to get to that stage to get to that point where it’s like the Internet of Things and everything is connected and talking to each other on the superfast network you need to overcome a very large obstacle..

This large obstacle kind of cast some shade on this whole 5g smartphone thing it’s the difference in 5g wavelength 5g signals act very differently from the traditional lower frequency 4G wavelengths 5g signals have significantly shorter range and weaker penetration than a 4G signal so things like walls those obviously affect the way that 5g signals get through but even something like a tree or an object or another human being between you and a 5g cell tower will affect the signal strength even the way that you hold your phone like if this was a 5g enabled phone if your hand is covering the antenna it will attenuate the signal even stuff like weather effects like rain fog snow that can reduce the signal strength of 5g frequencies so the solution to this the workaround to this problem is kind of primitive they’re basically flooding cities that are going to be 5g enabled with a ton of cell towers so basically this is not an exaggeration we’re in an ideal situation you want cell towers are basically every single street lamp that’s a ton of them and in an office building they’re gonna be everywhere because you need to have as clear of a line of sight between your phone and a signal and a signal tower to be able to use the 5g network properly now the problem with that is well in terms of the network side is it’s very difficult and very slow to build up an infrastructure like that like all the permits all the requirements to get stuff like that done plus there’s pushback from communities right not everyone wants to be like surrounded by these cell towers and there’s the issues of like health risks like there’s not a lot of long-term studies of EMF radiation from these new towers so for early adopters it a long time before 5g enabled phones can actually take advantage of real 5g connectivity that’s just the nature of this rollout it’s not an easy rollout and that’s just the network side of things when it comes to phone hardware there are a whole slew of other obstacles 5g enabled phones are gonna be crazy expensive at launch so Pete Lau CEO of oneplus he was saying that there 5g nabel’s phones are gonna cost two to three hundred dollars more than their regular 4G phones and this is like a 550 $600 phone you throw on that 5g tax this is now an 800 or $900 phone this used to be a very reasonable kind of nut budget phone but it’s like a fairly priced phone and now it’s like in that crazy price point because of 5g capabilities that new Snapdragon 855 needs a separate 5g modem and multiple antenna modules to make this thing work on the 5g network and the reason why you need so many antenna modules is because of the problem I was mentioning before if your hands cover any of the antennas it doesn’t work you need to have multiple antennas that it intelligently switches between to allow this thing to connect seamlessly with the network it’s difficult to do it’s expensive to do and it’s going to cost the consumer a lot there’s also the issue of shorter battery life so because you’re transmitting and receiving 5g signals it’s gonna invariably use more power than the regular 4G version it’s I mean you’re gonna get better speeds of course it’s the new network but again the whole premise of 5g promise something like 10 times or 20 times the speed of 4G which in theory sounds great and maybe in the future we’ll get there but in the beginning when it first rolls out we’re gonna get like that Snapdragon 855 the modem on there I forget the name of it but the modem that 5g modem can only hit I think two and a half times what the 4G network can hit so again it’s faster but it’s not gonna be 10 X or 20 X it’s gonna be quite a few years before we hit those speeds and it’s not like I’m taking a dump on 5g I feel like the technology is awesome and we’re in Ewa tably gonna get there this video is more for the people that are interested in being early adopters for 5g smartphones the technology sounds awesome and they’re gonna advertise those phones quite well you’re gonna be tempted my point is in this current world of what we live in like 5g enabled networks are gonna be rolled out very slowly so if you’re gonna spend your money like unless you’re just jonesing from that 5 g experience it’s gonna be a huge premium for something that won’t be an amazing experience because it can’t be this early on its gonna get there this is the groundwork for it but right now I would just hold off on 5g enable smartphones because that’s just reality it’s not gonna be that good at launch.


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