10 Things You Should Stop Doing To Succeed in 2020

10 Golden Tips To Become Successful in 2019

how to become successful
how to become successful


with age comes wisdom I’m old which means I’m smarter, today I am dropping some serious knowledge and a little bit of tough love,when you’re young you’re gonna make some really dumb decisions you learn from the mistakes and as you grow your decisions get better and when you’re in your 20s this is the time when you’re starting to really get your life together by the age of 30 you’re generally pretty solid.

in my 30’s i was still kind of a disaster which means I had to learn things the hard way because I’m a bonehead but I’m assuming you’re smarter than me and today I’m gonna help you not learn things the hard way I’m going over 10 things that every guy should stop doing to be successful.

1.Stop using your age as an excuse as to why you can’t accomplish things

the first thing every guy needs to stop doing in order to become successful is to stop using his age as an excuse, what frustrates me is when I see guys that are in their 20s and they use their age as an excuse to why they can’t accomplish things in their life, you are a grown man in your 20s you are a man so stop making excuses which brings us to number two.

2.Stop blaming your parents for your life — you are in control of your life.

stop blaming your parents for everything, it’s not your parents fault that you are a pissed-off angry dude ,it might be one of the reasons but the truth is you have 100% control on how you handle your life & how you handle situations, if this means you got to go talk to a therapist you got to deal with your life then deal with it but it’s not your parents fault, could they have done things that were shitty? yeah. but the bottom line is that most parents try to do the best job they can, it’s not that they’re meaning to piss you off or to upset you but they’re living right! they’re like you and I they’re trying to figure it out forgive them move forward but stop blaming.

3.Stop eating crappy food — when you hit 30, your metabolism will take a dive.

the third thing you need to stop doing inorder to become a succesfull person is to stop eating the crappy food you were eating when you were younger you need to stop it because I’m here to tell you when you hit 30 your metabolism is no longer work the same way it used to back when you were younger

the younger you are when you start forming healthy habits the better off you’re gonna be on the long term, the reason why I’m forty-two years old and I still look super sexy is because I take care of myself I watch what I eat I work out every day I drink plenty of water and very little alcohol which brings us to the fourth thing you need to stop doing in your 20s to become successfull.

4.Stop getting sloppy & blackout drunk — don’t abuse alcohol.

getting sloppy blackouts drunk, when I was in my 20s and some of my 30s to be honest I drank way too much and it was like the goal every time I drank wasn’t just like have a social time it was like to get super ***ed-up ,I’m not saying not to drink I’m not saying not to go out have a good time have a few cocktails what I am saying is don’t abuse alcohol don’t drink it in excess don’t drive drunk, just don’t be an idiot .

5. Stop wasting money — instead buy things you need and start saving.

the fifth thing you need to stop doing in your 20s is stop wasting money stop  using those credit cards to buy yeezy and things you want as opposed to things you need start saving

6. Stop being a slob — clean your room, car, and clothes (laundered + pressed)

sixth thing you need to stop doing to become a successful person is stop being a slob, get your self a nice hair cut, get your self a nice shampoo, clean up your room clean up your car make sure that your clothes are laundered pressed and clean.

do you think there is any chance some spicy ass senorita who’s got her crap together it’s gonna want to hang out with you being all sloppy nasty and stinky? no, but unless she’s got daddy issues then she’ll take whatever because you’s whatever.

7. Stop hanging out with losers — these people prevent you from moving ahead in life. Look for motivated and successful people instead. Interact and engage with people older than you.

for seven – stop hanging out with losers and this might be a little close to home because a lot of your friends might be losers, now does this mean that they’re not great people! that they’re not nice! that they’re not kind? no, absolutely not what I’m talking about is the people that are going to prevent you from moving forward in life.

if you want to be successful in your life it’s time to stop hanging out with the toxic people stop hanging out with losers I know that they’re cool I know that they’ve been your boys for years but you have to look for people that are motivated that are going places that you want to go or have been they’re something that I would highly recommend is start interacting and engaging with people that are older than you this may mean that you got to actually learn to communicate which brings us the number eight.

8. Stop cursing and using filler words

stop talking like a kid stop cursing , use your language learn to talk without saying (“like..” “hmm…”) you know what I mean because when you speak with a lot of filler words and you’re not sure about what you’re saying you look unconfident, instead try to engage people that are older than you that are more successful than you because they’re going to be able to teach you a lot, try to ask them questions but you got to be able to communicate with them and feel comfortable in that arena, the more you practice, the more you’re around people that are smarter better more accomplished than you, the the better at it you’re going to get and the more successful you’re gonna become bringing us the number nine.

9. Stop wasting time

stop wasting time we all have the same amount of time 24 hours in a day seven days a week 365 how you choose to use your time. you tell me how you use the 24 hours in your day I’ll tell you where you’re going and how successful you’re gonna be.

10. Stop thinking that success will find you — go out and create your success. Start habits young which will impact where you are later in life.

speaking of success the tenth thing that you need to stop doing in order to be successful in 2019  is stop thinking success will find,success isn’t looking for you it’s never gonna knock on your door and deliver you a pizza, you’ve got to go out there and make create your own success just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you can’t start.

building habits now will directly impact where you are when you’re 25 when you’re 30 when you’re 35 when you’re an old geezer like me.

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