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Most Comfortable Best Adidas Sneakers 2020

as we all know Adidas has been killing the game lately with their newest cushioning boost technology it’s been solidified as one of the most comfortable cushions ever developed and has been utilised in some of the biggest sneaker releases we’ve ever seen I think it’s pretty safe to say Adidas will continue rolling out the carpet with sneakers incorporating the boost. today we will be going over the top five adidas boost sneakers that have been released so far and be sure to check out the links i left in the Green buttons below for you guys if you want to purchase any of the sneakers.

1. Best Adidas yeezy 350 Shoes 2020

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Adidas Yeezy 350 Sneakers

starting things off this is one of the most iconic sneakers that ever released we got the adidas yeezy 350 and just the first year Congress time with adidas it’s available in multi color we were able to see multiple sneakers designed by the man himself and without a doubt one of the most sought-after models were the yeezy  350 people who have them love them and the people who hate him probably can’t get their hands on a pair they’ve broken records with internet sales and even crash multiple websites they’re in their release pretty much every color way has been a hit amongst fans and with the last 350 drop being back in February hi beasts are pretty hungry for a new colorway. when it comes to comfort the boost technology is not as plush and bouncy as some of the previous models on this list and the reason for that is because of the molding surrounding the boost technology in the midsole compared to a sneaker like the ultra boost where the boost can really expand with each step and really give you that bounce and comfort .

overall the yeezy 350 are one of the most sought-after sneakers to every release in history so there you guys have it number one on the list the Adidas yeezy 350.

best adidas yeezy 350 sneakers shoes 2017 2018

2. Adidas y3 primeknit pureboost Sneakers 2020 Buy

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Adidas primeknit pureboost shoes

number two on the list took it to another level of sneakers we have a secret that a lot of people say flew off the shelves after famous designer Geri Lorenzo posted one Instagram picture of these the Y3 primeknit Pureboost so when these first released with the retail price of 350 you can still see them sitting on some websites and if you are lucky like me you were able to find them on amazon for a good price shipped then one day care of God owner Jerry Lorenzo decided to post a picture of his personal five pairs and the hypebeast went crazy then they started selling out immediately and now resale prices have settled around six hundred dollars some people call this the Jerry affect these y3’s offer full length boost cushioning along with the split tongue which offers a really unique look made popular by the asics gel I threes and if you’re not able to get your hands on the white and black colorway y3 also offers a primarily black colorway which is not a sought-after but not a bad cheaper alternative so there you guys have it number two on the list the y-3 primeknit pureboosts

adidas y3 primeknit pureboost shoes 2017 2018

3. Best Adidas crazylight boost Basketball shoes 2020

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basketball sneakers adidas crazylight boost 2020

at number three the new basketball season has not started yet but that does not mean that there’s not a lot of basketball going on and don’t forget where there is basketball there are basketball sneakers this is one of the most amazing basketball sneakers switching things up a little bit we got the adidas crazylight boost 2020 these are actually adidas first sneakers to utilize full-length boost technology in a basketball sneaker reviews that has spoken really highly of the crazylight boost performance on the court and nowadays with the crazy retail prices on some of these basketball sneakers a hundred and thirty dollars for these crazylight boots seems like a bank for your buck so there we have it number three on the list the crazylight boost 2020

Best adidas crazylight boost 2016 shoes 2017 2018

4. Adidas NMD Runner Shoes 2020

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Adidas nmd runner Sneakers

next up on the list we got the nmd runner adidas created the enemy model as a less athletic more fashionable option which really paid off making this shoe one of the most fastest selling adidas sneakers of all time probably one of the most hyped up sneakers we’ve seen in a while the nmd seem to have dropped off slightly in popularity since its original debut they were the big talk to the speaker community but now seem to be overlooked as adidas has saturated the market with the big too many colorways

while the OG model still maintain resale prices up to a thousand dollars the general release colorway such as this one can still be found sitting on shelves at your local sneaker shops so there you guys have it that Adidas nmd runner.

Best adidas nmd runner shoes 2017 2018

5. Adidas Ultra boost Shoes 2020

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Adidas ultra boost sneakers

we got the classic ultra boost ultra-boost are rightly regarded as one of the most comfortable sneakers out right now so it’s only right they start off our list some popular colorways include the original black and purple we first talked i’m in different variations of the all white pair the friends-and-family chalk colorway and the adidas box collaboration which was our first look at what the Ultrabook look like uncaged without the plastic since then various models have been released of the ultra busan cage with some prefer to mimic a similar look to the yeezy 350 ultra-boost in general are just one of the most popular sneakers to be worn with the famous zipper pants and overall trendy menswear probably one of the most consistent sneakers you’ll see on the fashion blogs and Instagram pages great to wear for life style and everyday casual wear there you guys have it Adidas ultra boost

Best adidas ultra boost shoes 2017 2018

These were the top five sneakers that utilise boost technology I for one am very excited to see what adidas revolutionizes a sneaker game with next and i’m pretty sure Nikes developing something crazy underneath their sleeves as well it’s a good time to be a sneakerhead alright guys that’s pretty much it and until next time let me know down in the comments below if you guys are team Adidas or if your team Nike and make sure you check out the links bellow to find out more about men style and hair care.

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