Best Way To Prepare And Serve A Watermelon 2018

Easy way to serve watermelon for parties

best way to eat watermelon

best way to serve watermelon in parties today I’m going to show you a great way to serve a watermelon and we’re going to start by this amazing tricks.

using a sharp knife to cut it in half rather than just cutting off a slice like this which can be messy and awkward to eat.

we’re going to turn half the melon over onto a chopping board then using our knife cut strips about an inch wide all the way up the watermelon like this .

next we’re going to turn it around and do exactly the same again try and hold the melon all together while you’re doing it and there we have it simple and ready to serve just pull a piece out and it’s ready to eat.

best way to prepare and serve watermelon

great for parties and sharing with friends.

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