3 Fun Things To Do With Balloons 2018

Fun Things to do on balloons with your Kinds

Fun Things to do on balloons with your Kinds

Fun Things To Do With your kids on Balloons at home today I’m going to show you three great experiments using balloons to pass a great time with your family experimenting new things.

1. Too many pins won’t burst a balloon!

for the first we’re going to inflate a balloon and tie it off next take a pin and place it on the table then take your balloon and see what happens, when you put it on the pin as expected it pops straight away see the best shampoos for men list.

next we’re going to take a whole handful of pins and lay them out flat like this then take another balloon and try doing the same thing again this time you can push the balloon down onto the pins and it won’t burst this is because the pressure is now distributed over lots of pins and the amount of pressure on each pin is too small to burst the balloon.

I even found you can bounce a house brick on it but do be careful not to push down too hard.

Fun Things To Do With Balloons


2.inflate a balloon using white vinegar and baking soda

for the next experiment we’re going to take some white vinegar and pour it into a plastic bottle like this then take a balloon and a funnel and stretch the balloon over the end of the funnel next we need some baking soda and we’re going to put two tablespoons down the funnel into the balloon when you’re done take the balloon off the funnel and stretch it over the top of the bottle like this then lift the balloon up to empty the baking soda into the bottle this starts an instant reaction which produces carbon dioxide and inflates the balloon you may need to hold the balloon onto the bottle to stop it flying off pretty cool huh?

Fun Things To Do With Balloons white vinegar and balloons


3.expose a balloon filled with water to fire

for the final experiment we’re going to take a candle and a lighter up then inflate another balloon and see what happens when you hold it over the flame as expected it pops straight away and actually blows out the candle.

next take another balloon and this time we’re going to fill it with water like this tie a knot when you’re done then take the balloon and try holding it above the candle again you can see this time it doesn’t pop and you can actually hold the balloon right down into the flame the water inside the balloon keeps it cool so the balloon itself isn’t actually affected by the flame all that happens is the balloon gets black pretty cool huh?

Fun Things To Do With Balloons balloon filled with water and a candle

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Balloons hacks if you want to see more including the really clever balloon on a skewer trick you can click on the links on the top right of the website or take a look at Best 10 for everything main page stay safe and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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