5 Things that Google Home Is Better At then Alexa

Features in google home that don’t exist in Alexa

Google home base is a speaker and the top cover is a touch panel

these are the top five things Google home can do that Alexa can’t these features could change with the magic of a software update but as of right now (last few months of 2017) this list is accurate.


1.Google home answers almost any question

number one Google assistant Alexa is pretty bright but if you ask complex things you’ll be disappointed Google home has a version of Google assistant to bake right in when you ask a question you will likely get an answer the answers aren’t always perfect but it’s better than hearing the “sorry I didn’t understand the question I heard”.

google home multi-room audio supports

2.google home supports multi-room audio

at number two multi-room audio this one is kind of mind-boggling Amazon smart speakers don’t support multi-room audio Google home does so if you have multiple Google home devices in Your House you can have the audio synched up or just send audio to another room.

3.send video to a chromecast in google home

at number three send video to a chromecast Alexa Has some home theater skills but nothing like this one if you’ve got a chromecast device Google home can send audio or video to it just by asking right now the video selection is limited to just YouTube but google says netflix support is coming.

send video to a chromecast in google home

4.google home can access google play music

at number 4 access Google Play Music directly maybe one of those human beings who uses google play music if you want to listen to that music service on an Amazon device you can do it but you’ll have to use a Bluetooth connection with Google home you get direct google play music access without needing a separate device

5.Google home base is a speaker while the top cover is a touch panel

at number five a bunch of little things there are some minor features that Google home has that no Alexa product does the base of the google home device can be switched to another speaker while the cover at the top of the google home device is a touch panel you can activate home to listen to you by saying either “hey Google” or “ok Google” it’s the little things guys.

Google home base is a speaker and the top cover is a touch panel


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