16 Features Of OnePlus 5T Phone That Makes It The Best in 2018!

OnePlus 5 T Best characteristics Review 2018

OnePlus 5 T Best characteristics Review 2017 2018


The new OnePlus 5T features are just amazing the new phone of 2018 2019 from OnePlus brings a few choice upgrades over its immediate predecessor turning what was already the best $500 flagship into something even more compelling, these are 16 characteristics that make the new OnePlus 5T one of the best mobile phones in 2018.

1.OnePlus 5 T has a larger screen panel

Oneplus 5 T phone comes with a large screen panel besides a noticeable and a more up-to-date take on what is by now a very familiar design while the footprint in “in hand feel” of the OnePlus 5t is incredibly familiar there are some big visual changes in the new phone.

the biggest you’ll see around the front the new 6 inch 18 by 9 display it’s still optic AMOLED like the 1 plus 5 but in a taller 2160 by 1080 panel they gives you more room for apps multitasking photos or anything else

OnePlus 5 T screen panel large screen

2.Oneplus 5 jelly scrolling problem Fixed in OnePlus 5 T

an it’s a good-looking display bright and vivid with good viewing angles and one plus is shiny new stock wallpapers in clean UI are a great fit for this expansive colorful display and for what it’s worth the jelly scrolling problem that some folks complained about at the oneplus 5 has been banished from the newer model

3.OnePlus 5 T Screen Has More Modern Aspect ratio

the new screen is the main centerpiece of the 5 T and as a result of this taller more modern aspect ratio you get slimmer bezels on screen keys and the fingerprint scanner has been relocated around the back of the phone.

4.OnePlus 5 T Security improved and speed increased

eagle-eyed oneplus funds might also spot that the camera bump now blends more smoothly into the body of the phone which is a nice bit of additional polish incidentally that fingerprint scanner is not the only way to unlock the v t-1 plus has built out a speedy and actually really convenient face recognition system that’s so fast you might not even see the lock screen when unlocking though you do trait security for that added convenience of course


5.OnePlus 5 T Color and outside Design

otherwise from the outside this is basically a one plus five only with more display and less bezel and I’m pretty happy about that the anodized aluminium chassis is a little slick in the hand but it’s also thin stylish and comfortable to hold again I won’t underscore how much more modern the 5 T looks this time around even though it’s keeping the popular midnight black chassis largely untouched in this mid-cycle refresthat same black color by the way is the only color option available for the 5 T at launch

OnePlus 5 T Security improved and speed increased

6.OnePlus 5 T system characteristics Are Almost the same as OnePlus 5

on the inside the 5 t runs the same solid platform as the 1 plus 5 no internal upgrades this time not there’s really anything to upgrade to it’s running a snapdragon 835 and you get 6 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage of $499 or eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage of 569

7. OnePlus 5 T Battery

there’s the same – charging 3300 milliamp hour battery under the hood as well which is still good for about a full day of use despite the larger display area.

8. OnePlus 5 T Sim Card And Mobile Network Support

and for frequent travellers yep it’s still a single global skew supporting just about every LTE band Under the Sun with dual-sim capabilities to boot

9.OnePlus 5 T Back Camera With 20 Pixels and improved Photography

besides the screen the other major hardware upgrade in the 1 plus 5t is the camera setup the dual camera array around the back looks similar but the secondary telephoto lens is gone replaced with a 20 megapixel sensor behind in F 1.7 lens the whole point of the second camera now is to improve low-light photography an area where the one plus five was just an average performer now oneplus uses a kind of pixel binning combining data from groups of pixels on the sensor to produce clearer sharper shots in very low light for the most part it works okay and is a noticeable improvement over the 1 plus 5 although I’ve got a question why you need a second lens to do this as opposed to just sourcing a single sensor that’s good in both daylight and low-light one other benefit the second camera is portrait mode which makes a return on the 5 T and works ok most of the time though not as well as more expensive rifles

anyway all this camera swapping is handled automatically in brighter conditions the phone uses the main camera when it gets darker it swishes to the secondary camera and for the main camera it’s still a 16 megapixel Sony sensor behind in F 1.7 lens and it still takes decent photos in most conditions just like the oneplus 5 did the big trade-off this time is that you no longer have a dedicated telephoto camera at first I have mixed feelings about this but the more I use the 5 T the more it seems like a reasonable compromise in darker conditions the 1 + 5 would switch to a digital zoom to crop of the main sensor anyway because the old telephoto camera was just so weak in low-light

there’ve been a handful of other camera improvements – like the redesigned camera UI that takes advantage of the taller screen and enhancements to warm pluss’s electronic image stabilization for video which was already pretty good on the 5 but the bottom line is this this is the warm plus 5s camera but now you trade the telephoto lens for a decent step-up in low-light photography

OnePlus 5 T Back Camera With 20 Pixels and improved

10.OnePlus 5 T Front Camera characteristics

around the front it’s a familiar high megapixel selfie experience a 16 megapixel Sony sensor behind an F 2.0 lens which is decent if a little lacking in low-light.


11.Oneplus 5 T is not Water resistant

there are of course a few things that you don’t get when you’re paying just five hundred dollars for a flagship tip phone the Oneplus five T still lacks water resistance there’s no optical stabilization in either camera which is the traditional way to improve low-light shots and just

12.OnePlus 5 Android Version

as we’re starting to see some other phones ship on android oreo the five tea leaves the factory with the older android 7.1.1 an update to 8.0 is promised in the new year with a beta release arriving before the end of december that’s not to say there haven’t been software improvements though oxygen OS 4.7 brings numerous tweaks to the launcher like new easier to reach folders and updated widgets.

13. Oneplus 5 T fingerprint scanner

and their new gestures for that rear-facing fingerprint scanner as well like a swipe down from the notification shade or a long press to take photos in the camera app .

Oneplus 5 T fingerprint scanner

14.OnePlus 5 T can run multiple instances of apps at the same time

the on-screen keys can be customised too with the option to hide them behind a swipe up gesture and take full advantage of that giant 18 by 9 display and the new parallel apps feature lets you run multiple instances of apps like whatsapp Facebook or Twitter to keep your work and personal accounts separate besides this sprinkling of new features you get everything that was great about the oneplus 5 software a clean fast Android experience as a joy to use even though it’s not yet running the latest version of the OS


15.OnePlus Phones had some noticeable improvements in the last two years

so with this year’s mid-cycle refresh oneplus has changed more on the outside than the inside which makes the five-team made an obvious upgrade in the jump from one plus three to three T last year ultimately though it’s basically just a nicer one plus five which as it turns out still makes for a pretty decent product.

16. the OnePlus 5 T phone worth it’s price

the 5 T is as well-balanced a phone as you’re gonna find at this price point and really great value for $4.99 or even 569 sure it won’t do everything that a thousand dollar phone does in terms of photography and water assistance and a few other things but in terms of just being a really solid phone for the money and throwing in some necessary upgrades to the display and camera to keep things up to date it’s hard not to recommend the OnePlus 5 T with you buying outright in the US or on contract in Europe.

the OnePlus 5 T phone worth it's price

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