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Easy way To Connect a Hose To a Water Tab At Home

Quick Way To Connect Two Tubes At Home

quick way to connect two tubes at home

this is the easiest way to connect a hose and a tab at home without using and equipment or tools ,a couple of weeks ago I showed you a really cool way to attach a hosepipe to an ordinary household tap today I’m going to show you   an alternative method instead of using a balloon and taping it to the tap we’re going to be using an ordinary plastic drinks bottle to connect two tubes of different sizes.

1.Cut a hole near the bottom of the bottle

carefully cut a hole out near the bottom of the bottle then unscrew the top and push the hose just inside the bottle.

2.connect the hose to the top of the bottle

next take a strip of tape and fix the hose to the bottle nice and firmly and is now ready to use.

3.push the bottle bottom over the tab

to connect the hose to the tab easily you just push the bottle over the tab and turn on the water. the water falls down through the bottle and into the hose and you can adjust the flow rate so it doesn’t build up too much and you should have running water at the end of your hose, perfect for watering flowers, filling up a bucket or maybe a paddling pool, and if you want to is easy to add some more water, here is a demonstration of the method used to connect the hose and the tab.

Easy way to connect two different sized tubes

you do need to remember though that the water is only running through the hose by gravity and it’s not mains pressure if you lift the end of your hose above the bottle height the water will stop flowing out and backwash into your sink so do be careful, if you need more pressure you can of course try connecting it to an upstairs tap.


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