Huawei P20 3 Cameras Review 2019 Phone

Huawei P20 Zoom,Camera,Upgrades Competing with Samsung S9

Huawei P20 Zoom 3 Camera Upgrades 2018 phone

there are two things that will immediately catch your eye with Huawei’s latest flagship p20 Pro, the bonkers color and the fact that it’s got three cameras on the back.

Huawei P20 has three cameras!

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Huawei P20 2018 phone

three cameras might seem overkill that they do play an important role

image information is combined from the 20 megapixel black-and-white sensor and the 14 megapixel color sensor to create 10 megapixel images which although smaller in size, have much better detail and contrast and exposure than you do it otherwise gap

that’s the idea anyway and I have actually been very impressed with what this camera can do outdoor shots are vibrant crisp and sharp.

Huawei P20 auto camera software:

the auto software tries to recognize scenes to boost them to give them a bit more vibrance and while I loved how easily it recognized this stand of trees as greenery I actually am NOT that keen on how much it’s boosted the saturation of the greens does make it look a little bit unnatural the third lens provides a zoomed in view either three or five times depending on how close you want to get to the action but when the light goes this phone really shines low light is typically when most phone cameras fail but the p20 pros larger sensor size and stabilizing software let this phone snap the best low-light images I’ve ever seen from a phone even dark dingy bars like this one are captured well with plenty of detail visible in the shadows while neon lights on the walls remain properly exposed East London city streets were exposed in all their gritty detail with static items like walls or street lamps remaining pin-sharp despite me hand holding the phone better yeah I’m extremely impressed with the rest of the phone as well I just love this pink and blue colour and the metal in glass design makes it feel extremely premium to hold it’s waterproof – so snapping photos and the rain shouldn’t be too much of an issue it’s powerful enough to handle any task you’re asked of it and the chunky four thousand milliamp an hour battery will comfortably keep you going through a day of use the 6.1 inch display is bold and crisp and yes there’s the notch at the top of the screen although you can turn that off if you’d prefer all of which makes this phone an excellent piece of kit overall and definitely the one to consider if you’re not that first with the galaxy s 9 or you simply just can’t wait for nightfall to go out taking photos.


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