SKECHERS GORUN ULTRA R 2 Upgrades 2019 Review

Sketchers Gorun 2018 Shoes Likes and dislikes 2018 Review

what is up everybody today we’re reviewing a pretty fun shoe from Skechers the go run ultra Road version 2018 running shoes so whats new with the SKECHERS GORUN ULTRA R 2 shoes?


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now this what Skechers is calling the ultra r2 or ultra road version – has completely improved on the platform new upper new midsole new outsole today pretty much completely improved the entire thing and this could easily go up against some of the more well-known cushion road shoes such as the clifton the paradigm the Vomero forget about version one completely version two is pretty great alright so as with all my reviews I like to talk about the things that I like and dislike the shoe is no exception let’s start as always with things that I like about the Skechers go run ultra road version



weight one of my biggest problems with version one was how heavy it was over eleven ounces this weighs in at just around nine ounce in my size size 11 which is a huge weight savings from the previous version over two and a half ounces it was the first thing I notice just pulling them out of the box and it continues to give me a smile she with this much midsole woven upper weighing less than 10 ounces that’s a huge plus in my book it’s awesome to have all that without the weight



the upper a nice new seamless woven upper similar to the first version I think the quality is improved here with the second version it’s still very comfortable it’s seamless it has plenty of breathability it doesn’t have a lot of the stretch that some of the other Skechers uppers do which is actually a good thing because I find a lot of sketch of shoes just tend to be too flexible up top this has good structure decent quality nice balance of materials love in the upper

SKECHERS GORUN ULTRA R 2 midsole cushioning:

midsole cushioning it’s soft and you will love it on long runs but if you do have a speed workout somewhere in the middle of a 20 mile run or something you will feel the responsiveness of them it’s all pop into play it’s nowhere near a stop this version one where your foot would actually exert more energy just trying to dig itself out of its own cushioning the foam works with you rather than against you


and my final like is seemingly so small but something I found really like what they’re calling the Kwik Fit portal or in other words just this little loophole on the back of the heel a lot of shoes out there have something similar whether it’s a vertical or horizontal loophole but it’s rare you find one that works so quickly and easily I have to give them a plus for including this I find myself using this every time I take the shoes on and off which I didn’t think I would even care about so simple it’s so effective



all that being said let’s talk about the things I dislike about the shoe that’s what you probably are caring about the most midsole arch

SKECHERS GORUN ULTRA R 2 midsole arch:

so this is one of those first initial problems I had with the shoe the arch sits pretty far back in the mid foot if you have arch problems or your arch sensitive you might notice it as much as I did or maybe more so it might ruin your experience in the shoe for me it managed to kind of flatten itself out over time now with close to 60 or 70 miles in the shoe I don’t notice it as much but with the shoes what they’re calling m strike technology it’s essentially a mid foot rocker technology when you strike here in the mid foot the shoe wants to roll you into your forefoot and you combine that with an arch that’s further back there’s a bit of a conflict here inside the shoe again my feet have gotten used to it it’s not a huge issue but it will be something you notice

SKECHERS GORUN ULTRA R 2 outsole grip!

outsole grip you might notice a lot of rubber on the outsole a lot of rubber does not translate to a lot of grip in this case anytime there was any sort of moisture in the air or on the ground the shoe becomes an ice skate there’s just so little to actually get grip on any sort of rough surface concrete road trail gravel anything which is pretty different than version one which had a little potted outsole well I didn’t necessarily like that I don’t like this if you run in dry climates you’re not gonna run into an issue if you have any sort of weather at any point this becomes a bit scary


and finally width primarily through the mid and forefoot it’s a generally narrow shoe I don’t necessarily need a huge wide shoe I don’t have giant ly wide feet jacket but this upper having a bias towards a more vertical volume doesn’t bode well for those who need a more horizontal amount of volume very unforgiving in that department I find myself with my pinky toe and my big toe having a fight at either end of my foot a couple of times resulting in hot spots I wish there was a little bit more with the carried up here through to the toes


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