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i have been growing out my beard for three months now and it has been the best beard of my entire beard growing experience today I’m going to do a short little tutorial on how to apply beard oil and Whitehead beard oil is so important because when i first started growing out my beard I had no anticipation of ever going out and buying beard products because i was like beard just grows out of my face naturally why the heck would I ever want to go spend money on it?

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Tea Tree beard oil for beard care and softening routine

beard oil is really good for your beard you basically just wanna soak it before you go to bed and before you leave for the day and the really good beard oil will stay in there all day and really make your beard be soft and taken care of.

the beard oil i actually like is from beardbrand i am absolutely in love with urban garden and actually it’s the it’s healthy beard grow extremely fast I feel like I’m less likely to have split ends and therefore i want to pick it less i want to touch it less because it has beautiful and many goods on your hand so it’s just kind of something nice to use on your beard to prevent you from touching all the time and it really makes it kind of glossy and people want to look at it and touch it which is benefit because your beard will look much better from using this beard oil , there are a lot of amazing beard oils out there so you can check them out and see what will work best for you.

best beard oil 2017 2018 2018 beardbrand oil tea tree beard care routin

how to use beardbrand beard oil on your beard


2018 product to soften the beard and what i found is the best way to do it is basically just the tip it like an angle to where it’s about to pour out and then just kind of shake it against your beard so then just make sure it’s like a nice and evenly spreaded in your beard . and basically just do a nice like rough pat-down so it gets to thebottom of your beard so it helps it be healthy.

then i use the same brush that I comb my beard with and I put a little coconut oil on it and basically just comb it all away nicely through and I style my beard the way i want from that point.

then you will have it guys that’s a very successful reason why you should wear a beard oil every single day morning and night you don’t necessarily have the scented beard oil in at night because that would almost keep you up at night so they definitely have a blank slate so it’s an unscented beard oil i absolutely love beard oil i absolutely love Beardbrand and i am going to continue every single beard I grew up from this point on too weird beard oil on it because i have a massive success story with it if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share please write them down in the comments section , also make sure you share this with your bearded friends so they know how it is important to have your own beard oiling routine, we will be talking more about beard styling so stay tuned with our website for the best beard and hair tips and tutorials.


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