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Complete Men Grooming Tools Buying Guide -Best Hair Shavers For Men

over the years i have tried ,tested ,bought and experimented with hundreds if not thousands of grooming products. some are amazing ,some suck and over the years i have accumulated priceless experience which i’m going to share with you here in this complete men grooming tools buying guide ,this is the best of the best Beard trimmers,Nose Hair trimmers,Back Hair shavers , body Hair shavers , nail clipper ..Etc that you will find out there and guess what ? for the cheapest price too.

I thought it’d be a great idea to once a year go over my top picks for various grooming products , there are 3 categories:

1.you’ve got products that you use on your head from your neck up

2.products you use on your body neck down

3. grooming tools

please note none of these products are paying me to endorse them they are simply my favorite as itt bottom line cut and dry let’s groom!

1. Best Cheap Beard Trimming and Body hair Shaving tool

First up is the best facial hair grooming tool and that is the Norelco hair grooming tool  now don’t get me wrong this is not the best beard trimmer out there but it does an excellent job for it’s average price ,it’s got an attachment clips on this bad boy is the absolute hands down best product on the market in it’s price range I have tried a ton of facial hair grooming tools and nothing and when I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing comes close to touching the fine precision and craftsmanship of this norelco and guess what this is the cheap one they have super high-end nice versions that cost like 100-200 dollars from which a very excellent option is the Braun 7 but not this one it costs much less and you can get it for the best prices too on amazon  if you want to go check it out and see more reviews about it just click the green button bellow.

if you’re looking for that shaver that can manage your arm hair armpit ,growing ,crotch ,legs ,chest ..you name it! this is your go-to grooming tool.

Norelco BeardTrimmer 7100

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best cheap beard trimmer legs hair remover 2017 2018 2019 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer

2. Best Back Hair removal Tool in 2020

But the Norelco facial hair grooming tool does not handle back hair for that the only thing that i would recommend and that i have used on my friends is the back blade it’s little simple you’re when you first see it you will be like hey it looks like a back scratcher! but i tell you there is nothing better on the market all the things of batteries fail this it’s simple it’s got a blade you can use it dry because the blades actually do an excellent job removing the back hair in a simple and effective way it has a nice simple touch this back blade i am telling you if you’ve got back hair, you’ve got shoulder hair, you’ve got places on you that you just can’t reach the back blade will handle your business. Update:  another excellent much simpler back hair removal tool is the New bro back hair shaver so make sure you check it out too.

baKblades Back Hair Shaver

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Best Back Hair removal grooming tool 2017 2018 2019

3. Best Head Hair Clipper 2020

for those of you who are brave enough to cut your own hair there’s only one Hair Clipper brand that I trust it is Wahl this particular pair of wahl clippers i have owned for eight years and they work just as good today as they did when I bought them if you buy quality products they are going to last all right! the deal is a lot of you were like yo what hair clippers should i buy I’m like I have these but guess what don’t make these anymore because that’s that’s a good problem but it’s a bad problem if you’re looking to buy a clipper and you don’t know what you want to buy alright so I’ve gone through amazon and actually found the best wahl clipper that I can that’s most comparable to the one i own the fact is it lasts long it stays sharp it cuts hair beautifully it’s the one of best hair clippers on the market for it’s price make sure you check out this year’s best shampoos for men as well .

Wahl 17PC Haircutting Kit

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Best long head hair clipper removal tool 2017 2018 2019

4. Best Men Nail clippers

notice i said quality and price the deal is you get what you pay for a lot of times with grooming products and there is no better example than my favorite tweezers and nail clippers we’re actually going to be combining these into one review this little four packets a set of four it comes with scissors it also comes with a nail file i received from amazon well i have been using this set for since the last review and I got to tell you I’ve used the ton of tweezers and this pack is actually one of the best out there and it’s actually a best seller on amazon they are so sharp and so precise that they grabbed the smallest hair and I’ve loved these from day one

the best nail clipper set’s you can possibly get is the Zamberg Imantado , i’ve been using the nail clippers that came in the set all right these are amazing as well here’s the deal they’re not cheap this set is around a hundred bucks but here’s the big news of the day you get what you pay for when it comes to these specific grooming tools they’re made of German steel unlike the nail clippers and the tweezers that you buy in the drugstore that are made out of recycled tuna cans cheap steel which means they get dull fast all right! one of the reasons why i love these tweezers is because i can use them and they don’t get dull the deal is i love the product it is amazing when i first saw that they were 95 dollars i was like what! come on! once I tried them I’ve been using them now for about six months couldn’t be happier they’re the best there is a link down below. Update: another excellent much cheaper nail clipper set is the Anself 10-in-1 Stainless Steel Ear Pick Nail Clippers Set make sure you check it out too if you are not willing to spend that much on your nail clippers set.

Zamberg Imantado Set

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Zamberg Imantado Set best men nail clipper 2017 2018 2019

5. Best Nose Trimmer For Men That Does not hurt

my favorite nose trimmer is the Remington nose & ear trimmer here’s the deal ,I was super sick of using nose hair trimmers that didn’t work or that pulled you know that that you rotate manual used to trim the hair in your nose that everybody is in love with it isn’t even comparable to the Remington nose trimmer and the reason is because it plucks the hair it doesn’t trim it it plucks it it is like some weird freakish Renaissance torture machine while the Remington got two blades, two little blades that don’t cut you. so easy to use you turn it on stick it inside your nose and just basically follow the contours of your nose through a few circles up and back bang you’re done no nose hair guys this is the best I’ve you I’ve used a lot of nose hair trimmer

it’s so easy to use you turn it on stick it inside your nose and just basically follow the contours of your nose through a few circles up and back bang you’re done. no nose hair! guys this is the best I’ve used I’ve used a lot of nose hair trimmer i used to think the panasonic was solid and it’s decent but they stopped making the good model and now they went to some crappy model but this one is amazing inexpensive around ten dollars if memory serves me correctly you can check it out at amazon ,just click on the small green button bellow to check it out.

Nose Trimmer Remington NE3250

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best men nose trimmer Remington NE3250 Nose Ear and Brow Trimmer 2017 2018 2019


These grooming tools are the best that I’ve tried but if you guys know of one that you think is super cool that I should be checking out let me know in the comments because in two weeks were doing the next list in the series i’m telling you my favorite grooming products that you use on your head, we’re talking hair we’re talking beard we’re talking I cream it’s all going down and it’s going to be crazy grooming fun , if you guys find this useful please share it with your friends or in your personal page so other people read it as well see you at the next review.


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