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Brooks PureGrit 5 Trail Running Shoes Review 2017

Brooks PureGrit 5 Vs PureGrit 4 Trail Running Shoes Review 2018

 Brooks PureGrit 5 Trail running shoes

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today we are going back to Brooks i’m reviewing the puregrit 5 running shoes from brooks this is the fifth version of the puregrit ,i remember back when it first started i loved the first version it was actually one of the very first trail shoes that I ever ran in and raised my first 50k was in a puregrit  1 then they went to the puregrit 2 which I just wanted to talk about and then released the puregrit 3 which i actually really liked ,actually liked it better than version 2 and better than version one, it turned out to be a pretty damn good trail shoe then came the puregrit 4 which is a fine running shoes it’s pretty good actually a lot like the puregrit 3 but with some durability issues.

the question with any of the puregrit series has always been how does it compare to the previous versions of the shoe? is it better! has it been good to run with this shoe?

the puregrit  is  shoe that almost in every version has changed in some considerable ways to make it better, sometimes worse,it seems like they always felt like.. hey here’s what’s working.. let’s mess with it!

First impression on the Brooks puregrit 5 running shoes 2018:

yes the puregrit  5 definitely fits into puregrit  family ,it has its weirdness is still a responsive nimble trail runner catering to those neutral runners, plenty of grand filled with even more protection we saw some sizing in fit limitations with the upper basically every version of this shoe has somehow changed so you’re just completely inconsistent See The Asics Kayano 23 Running Shoes

Brooks PureGrit 5 front Trail Running Shoes Review 2017

How the Brooks puregrit 5 Is Compared to puregrit 4?

just comparing the puregrit 5 to the 4 the uppers obviously different materials are different the overlays are extremely different the nav band is gone which is a good thing but it’s replaced by something else, the outsole is kind of the same, the arch support quite a different little more stability on the five.

What did i like about the puregrit 5 shoes?

you know let’s just get on with this thing i will tell you all about the things I like and dislike about the puregrit five starting with things that I like

puregrit  trail shoes is responsive ,not all trail shoes are meant to be super cushion. I’ve reviewed cushion trail shoes before there is a place for a more responsive nimble extinct trail shoe that allows you to jump around technical terrain with ease without feeling cumbersome padding underneath your foot so here the puregrit is really great and more technical terrain specifically  dry rocky terrain

the ballistic rock plate that’s in the midsole materials is very helpful in keeping your foot protected

Brooks PureGrit 5 midsole Trail Running Shoes Review 2017

the puregrit 5 is grippy the outsole on it continues with the hexagonal logs which i really enjoy the durability is really good on them but the grip factor is through the roof especially on dry train if you’re running around in mud or little bit more wet conditions you’re gonna have a bit more trouble getting grip especially on logs and mud puddles

but overall on drier conditions this thing just grips it’s great.

it’s durable I’m actually happy to say that the tissue is more durable than the previous version i was getting spraying up in the upper especially on the lateral side of the shoe at the fold point happy to report that here with this thick welded overlay some will say rubberized plastic material you’re getting a lot more durability out the shoe and it continues down to the outsole not getting a lot of wear out there either which is great

Nav band:

and finally nav band redesigned. “version 4 continued with the Nav band which gets in the way doesn’t really contribute to a better fit and it’s annoying” they changed it finally but they didn’t get rid of it. the nav band now is a small piece of webbing inlaid into this welded upper material, whether or not it actually contributes to a tighter field “im going to report that it doesn’t” so the nav band is still there it’s smaller, less cumbersome to making progress and just getting rid of it altogether which is a good thing

What i disliked about the puregrit  5 trail running shoes?


all that being said there are a number of things that i still dislike about the puregrit 5 let’s get on those


the upper is narrow in the mid-foot like by a lot even comparing it to the previous version in the same size shoe the previous version actually give you a bit more toe space of the front end may not seem like a lot but a little goes a long way in this shoe you’re losing toe space and width

it’s a real bummer in the shoe where previous version felt wide and now it just doesn’t so they’re doing something in there nothing specific materials in the upper that are causing a more constructive fit


speaking of fit fit the ankle collar on this bad boy is thick and yes it’s padded but it’s so thick that the fit becomes a problem adjusting the laces here is also a nightmare because of this welded overlay which is extremely thick and not very pliable so it’s really difficult to get in there and adjust the laces adjust the tightness across the mid-foot, the shoe becomes quite cumbersome specifically around the ankle area that in combination with the narrowness of the upper and oddly fitting shoe where your normal size may not be correct so it you’re gonna try this on you may want to go up a half size if not a full size so they don’t make this shoe very easy to fit on your foot and that’s a problem.


heavy a lot of people have commented weight shouldn’t matter! the problem is that it does matter even though we might be talking about grams or ounces here that all contributes especially on longer runs climbing mountains on varying terrain where you need to have quick footwork so get used to going to talk about weight why it’s a detriment to the shoe so 10.7 ounces in size 11 it’s a couple grams three grams lighter than the previous version puregrit 4 for which is great we lost a little bit of weight but it’s nearly half an ounce heavier than the puregrit 3 which is just that still mind-blowing thats so much heavier than a previous version. (these are some light running shoes that you might want to check out: shoe 1, shoe 2shoe 3,  shoe 4)


the look

and finally with dislikes -this will matter to a lot of you,it matters to me even if slightly the looks of the shoe aren’t the best. black is the only color version that I’ve been able to find and it’s just like gets boring, scary, odd, it’s like dark blue with shiny blue overlays and a gray weird green I don’t get it I don’t necessarily like it and that is it for dislikes


I did have fun running in this shoe there were moments when I was like ow the shoe is just like a previous version i actually really like it but then there were other moments where I was cursing the clouds because it fit weird it was cumbersome I felt like the shoe wasn’t working with me and was rather working against me, this shoe will definitely come down to you and how it fits your foot i encourage you to go give it a shot.

Brooks PureGrit 5 Trail Running Shoes Review picture

our rating points for the puregrit 5 trail running shoes:

with that said let’s get on with the points

quality I’m gonna get a 4 out of 5 I think the shoe brings really good elements to the table as far as durability, quality of materials is just the execution of all those put together a little bit of a mess so four out of five

comfort didn’t think this was the most comfortable shoe purely because of the upper and the fitment they’re gonna give it 3 out of 5 on comfort,

price and a hundred twenty dollars that’s pretty standard with the trail shoe and I think you’ll get more miles out of this than other shoes that i have reviewed i’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 on price

look like i said not the greatest looks i am gonna round up a little bit because i believe there will be another color version coming out that’s a little bit better so I’m gonna give it  3 out of 5 I know some of you guys like ugly shoes so.. hey more power to bring


our grand total of 14/20 not a terrible score but also not a great score there’s still room to improve after five versions there are still ways that they can make this shoe better and that’s by going back to the basics and things that they had in previous versions and just keeping those while not changing too much Brooks is having a real heyday just changing this shoe from the bottom up every single version

i’m excited to see version 6 “i’ve heard it’s going to have wheels and you’ll be able to use it as a cup”.

so finally is this a “by try” or a “why”? I’m gonna give it a “solid try” because of the pedigree that Brooks puregrit comes from,i encourage you to at least try it if you can find previous versions on amazon give it a shot especially version 3 .

puregrit 5 is definitely worth a shot at least get your foot in it to see how it fits (remember to size out) so that’s it for today’s review if you guys have any more questions about the puregrit 5 you want to find out how you can get one for yourself there’s a green button above that will take you over to the puregrit 5 page on amazon where you can read more customers reviews , view more photos and read people experiences with it if you are a woman here is

The Brooks PureGrit 5 shoes For Women

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Brooks PureGrit 5 for womenTrail Running Shoes Review picture


i’m curious to hear your opinions about this shoes and also other shoes that you have tried if you liked this review make sure that you share it with your friends they might find it helpful

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