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Google Pixel Xl Review -Best 2018 2019 alternative to Iphone 7


Google Pixel XL Phone 128GB

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it’s finally happened google has finally made a phone to compete with the iphone this is the google pixel XL and we’re going to check out all the specs and the cool things that it can do right now, Google’s pixel XSL is a beauty of a phone it has a 5.5 inch quad HD screen and it’s running all the best specs that you would find on any five trip phone on the market right now.

A Smart phone with the fastest Processor in 2016

so it actually has a faster processor than what you have on all the other android phones right now because it is the snapdragon 820 one as you can see everything is better smooth and super fast part of that’s because Google has had control over both the software and the hardware of this phone just like Apple does with its iPhone so this thing is super speedy and super beautiful it’s running Android 7.1 new get so this is the brand-new version of Android it is really nice.

Google Pixel XL Technical Support

they’ve got a cool support system in built into settings here you can chat with customer service or call them by the phone at any time of the day if you have problems with your pixel phone -some of these features are not going to be available on other android phones-

Google pixel Xl “Assistant App”

one of the most notable ones for now is assistant so all you have to do is hold down your home button and “Google pixel Xl assistant App” will come up ,you can talk to it and ask it several different things like “lest’s play a game” or “play trivia” ,you can do a lot of new things on here with “assistant” she can read your poems it can tell you who won sports games it can make calls for you and send messages and navigate your way home while you are driving your car or walking on feetwith google can do now with the assistant and we’re really excited to start trying it out more although we were originally trying a lot of those features in l.o they are more closely baked into the operating system on the pixel and the pixel itself now you can see in the group new launcher here it’s pretty simple and clear we have the search bar that pops up right there in the corner and if you’ve been using the pixel launcher a lot of this was familiar to you but if you’

Google pixel xl smart phone has new launcher it’s pretty simple and clear ,we have the search bar that pops up in the corner and if you’ve been using the pixel launcher a lot of this will look familiar to you but if you’re coming from say a Samsung or another android phone this is going to be a very refreshing change and you’ll be enjoying the way that this looks

assistant App Google pixel Xl smart phone

Google pixel Xl Smart Camera & Phone Usage

while checking out the notifications you can see how they expand for you in a nice way and they can just be swept away really easily click settings are up the screen and you can of course edit them as always now really the interesting thing about the pixel is also its camera so this phone has a 12.3 megapixel camera and Google is saying that this is really a highlight on this phone you should be able to take some pretty amazing photos and do a couple different things with the settings on it ,some of them even allow you to do cool blurs and change image look based on your settings

so we’re going to be testing out this camera and we’ll let you know how it fares in particular against the iphone now on the front of the device we have an 8-megapixel selfie camera go along with that 12.3 megapixel camera on the back of the pixel XL.

Google pixel Xl Camera smart phone test

Google Pilex XL 32GB Version, Special Features

Google Pixel XL Phone 32GB

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so this phone is mostly made out of metal but you also have this glass insert here up at the top and it has the fingerprint magnet on it’s back which is a little bit unfortunate but it does add a little pizzazz (dynamic quality) to the back of this phone it has your fingerprint sensor which of course has the Nexus imprint so you can easily lock and unlock your phone and it is also working with “Android Pay” so  you can do mobile payments at your favorite retailers.

Google pixel Xl back fingerprint sensor finger lock back Camera metal made material

Google Pilex XL Head Phones Type


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now probably our favorite thing about the pixel is that it has the infamous headphone jack this is something that you won’t have on the iphone anymore so if you’re a die-hard headphone lover you’re going to be very happy to find it right there on the top of the phone.

Google Pilex XL Usb & Charger Type

on the bottom of course we have the USB type-c charger and some nice looking speakers

Google Pilex XL Battery Capacity Strength

now this has a 3450 million power battery which is pretty large for a phone of this size (5.5 inch phone) so hopefully we’ll be getting some really strong battery life out of this already we’ve been using it today and we’ve been using it a lot and it’s only down two sixty-four percent so that’s pretty promising and we’ll let you know how that full test shakes out

this is a little bit more expensive than other android nexus phones that you might have seen in the past so you’re going to be paying Apple level prices for this phone but so far it’s looking like a true competitor to any of those iphones or high-priced android phones out there on the market.



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