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how to trim your beard like a pro barber

How To Trim Long/Short Beard 2018 Tutorial


The best way to trim your beard

good day guys this post is about how to trim your beard in 2018 like a pro, first of all take a shower and make sure you tame your beard with a little bit of shampoo and a comb it just makes it so much better I didn’t discover beard shampoo until like four months ago but it actually makes beard so much softer and way more bearable it’s like the eighth wonder of the world for taking care of your beard I’m serious.

Clean the neck Hair First

now let’s get down to business step one in styling your beard no matter how you do it is that you should clean up and make all your nick look nice,clean and neat now obviously you should use a really nice Razor but you can use anything else you have that can give you a nice clean shave down there

How to Trim nd Style your long beard

perfect now the difference between styling your long beard versus a short beard is that with the longer you’re going to need to use scissors so that you can avoid things like beard getting in your ear oh my god it’s the worst feeling ever or when a nose hair put a beard hair kind of converts itself right into your nose it’s the worst feeling ever it’ll annoy you all day long also like right around your lip area it kind of like gets in your mouth it’s the worst so just make sure that your beard is kind of nice and trimmed and not annoying you all day long so this could take hours if your OCD but if you’re not OCD and just kind of cruise around and just going to clip around and make sure that your beard is nice and tight I don’t know if you guys could tell the difference but I could definitely feel a difference

beard styles 2017 2018 trimming

so this could take hours if you are OCD (mental disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly) but if you’re not OCD and just kind of cruise around and just going to clip around and make sure that your beard is nice and tight I don’t know if you guys could tell the difference but I could definitely feel a difference like the beard hair isn’t going in my ear anymore and definitely not my nose or in my mouth it’s just nice and clean

another tip is that you need to know your face underneath your beard and what your beerd does to your face so in my case my beard makes my face look like a pumpkin so what I need to do is kind of contour my beer too kind of point it down so that i can make my face look more narrow, i guess one way you can do that is you basically just pull up the beard hair and then you  basically just take your scissors and just kind of pull it out a little bit from your face and then just going to sit

Beard Combing in 2018 for a better trimming

right the last and final step is a really quick one and all it is is just taking a comb and just combing your beard that you kinda pointed in the direction that you want it and also feels amazing so what I do is I basically take all the underneath and come up bring it up forward on each side and then I basically kind of just make a point and then I basically make sure that all the beard hairs are in a line just like that so you can have a good edge basically you’r just going to make a nice edge and then you’re done with your long beard styling

Short beard styling

now here comes my personal favorite is the short beard styling and I like to keep it nice and tight beard all the time except when you’re traveling I mean it’s just being so I usually skip the long be retrieved from traveling from one side of its really fun

when you’re styling your beard you’re gonna need one of these beard trimmers and what you need to do is you need to have a scale like 1-6 or something like that and kind of know that your beard is out of six and you want it down to 3 now in the case of the long beard it’s not as big of a deal because you couldn’t really see it but in the case of the short nice and trimmed beard you can really see the difference on your skin and tell that it’s not as clean here or there and so you should go back and clean that up then you can tell that it looks really clean cut and nice and trimmed.

now if you’re like me and you’re about to go travel for a month and a half before you ever see a razor again it’s probably a good idea to just shave off the whole thing and start from scratch.

if you want more tutorials or like to know more about beard trimming please comment below and also if you would like to comment which beard do you like better be clean shaven versus a short beard versus longer than please comment below and share this with your friends , i put bellow a few posts that can help you out taking good care of your beard and hair.





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